Website Launch Countdown


Greetings to all passersby! This is now the official Blue Cube Rocket website launch countdown. Since the pre-launch announcement, a few more things have taken place. Here are the status updates as of today:

Completed Items

  • Topic research & content creation
  • “Range awareness & traffic deconfliction”
  • Formulation of potential stylistics options
  • Hardening / securing of site wiring (initial pages set up)

Work in Progress

That’s our status completion to date. In the remaining time before launch, a few more things are in the works. As you scan over the below list, a bit of metaphoric thinking may be necessary to get the gist of each item.

  • “Calculation of launch window”
  • Search & vetting for co-contributors / collaborators
  • Continued content creation
  • “Continued flight path calculation”
  • “Multiple flight path alternative computations”
  • “Preflight testing of structural & tech (website) components”
  • Product design sessions

Note: Some of these above items will continue after launch and can result in a slight modification of the original stylistics and methods of content articulation.

Next Up

This post is not yet the official website launch announcement. As you can see, the general idea is in place but a few more key tasks are in the works. Next up – standby for a follow up launch announcement.

If you’d like more information on any of the above, please use the new contact form and send us an email. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Also, you can scroll down and sign up on the new and emerging email list and connect on social media.


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