It’s Official: Blue Cube Rocket Has Now Launched


Hello again! This is now the official website launch announcement for Blue Cube Rocket. We are now in the process of monitoring all “flightpath” activities which have been listed in the previous two pre-launch posts. Here’s what has happened and what’s going on right now:

Completed Items

  • “Calculation of launch window” (we have launched!)
  • Initial content creation
  • “Continued flight path monitoring”
  • “Multiple flight path alternative computations”
  • “Preflight testing of structural & tech (website) components”

In-Flight Activities Ongoing

  • Search & vetting for co-contributors / collaborators
  • Continued research & creation of content
  • “Continued flight path calculation”
  • “Flight path alternative decisions” (will continue indefinitely)
  • Product design sessions (long-range targets)

Site Focus

Here’s the intent for Blue Cube Rocket: following / commenting on science and technology advances particularly in the realm of new energy, space and various aspects of technology. The focus and style here will not be confined to the realm of what exists now but will go beyond that in both a practical and visionary way. We believe there are right now, some key technology roadblocks that need to be overcome very soon and it is our desire to be involved in that arena.

In many ways right now, Blue Cube Rocket may very well equate to a “stealth rocket” with a small beginning that is hardly noticeable to the average reader. That’s actually perfectly ok with us. There are already many very good tech-focused websites in existence and this is not an attempt to be just another one like them.

Content creation and publishing is not yet expected to be on any predictable schedule. As a worthwhile topic is deemed both intriguing and suitable for posting, it will go up. Small beginnings are acceptable here. On that note, qualified collaborators will most likely increase the frequency of posted content (see above comment).

Email Lists & Social Media

This website is intended to be interactive so if you have any questions, comments, insights or tips at any point along the way, please either post those below or on social media, or send an email using the contact page.

Speaking of social media, we have a Facebook and Twitter account set up. Check around a little here and you’ll find those links.

For those who would like to be added to the emerging email list, go to the link below and add your info. Mass emails are right now expected to be infrequent.

Thank you for stopping by to catch our official launch announcement! Plan another pass by and see where our trajectory will take us.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash


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