Futuristic Technology: A Different Perspective

If you’re following the science and technology headlines, you’ve probably seen how there is a huge push to break through some apparent barriers regarding nuclear fusion. Two research centers make the news frequently in connection with this pursuit. Tens of billions of dollars have been put into the efforts behind these combined but they have not yet produced a workable fusion power generating solution for mass, widespread civil use.

Science Barriers

On the surface, it seems this “fusion barrier” is a near-impossibility to breach. Seriously, these laboratories are huge and well known, and bring in many of the top scientists with tons of funding from all over.

But… despite all that, they have yet to produce a sustainable fusion reaction where the energy output exceeds the input and remains so for a sufficient period of time so it can be then channeled into your local power grid. There just seems to be some unknown science that no one has yet been able to figure out despite the huge amount of money and brains coming into these: Why Nuclear Fusion Is Always 30 Years Away.

It just seems too weird. Like there’s something missing here…

What If…

This begs a couple serious questions regarding the origins of scientific information and the timelines for when breakthroughs come. From a personal perspective, it seems we humans occasionally get stuck in a trench where we fail to ask the right questions. Sometimes those questions are more obvious and simple than we realize.

What if we asked the kind of questions that were too inconvenient for us because it forced us to actually use the scientific process and examine all possibilities, regardless of where they led us to? Here are two questions I believe few are honestly asking:

  1. What are the origins of information, particularly scientific information?
  2. What governs the timelines for when this information is discovered so that a new technology can be created?

If anyone is asking these, it’s possible the real answers are too simple for the “big brains” to accept. Here’s an easy example – let’s go back a few thousand years and all we have here on earth is basically the same technology. It was only in much less than the last 200 years that we have major breakthroughs that totally change the quality of life for many worldwide. Running water, electricity, machines, gasoline engines, etc. Not to mention computers, smartphones, jet aircraft and limited space travel.

Why were none of these things invented 500 years ago? 5,000 years ago? Think about it. All it took was the right idea for any of those above mentioned “technologies” to be invented. It’s not like a new element had to be created for these things to be produced. Everything we use to make jets and electricity and televisions has always existed right here on earth since the earth came into being.

Not one new element was necessary that does not already exist here on our planet Earth!

Information + Material + Timing

So why did it take that long? If the physical material already existed here, then it begs the question that the information had to already exist as well. It just wasn’t in anyone’s head. (Hold that thought for later…)

Same with fusion energy. Everything in the material sense needed to produce a sustainable fusion reaction already exists here, except for perhaps some elements on the moon that might be useful.

But what if the information needed to produce a working fusion reaction is not so unreachable as we think?

Go back to the above questions – what is it about the timeline of this breakthrough that we are all missing? What is the simple answer here? Why didn’t we have the information needed to produce all our current technology 500 years ago?

Why do we not have fusion already? Just seems this is a little odd.

Are We Missing Anything?

Let’s back up and reconsider all this. What if fusion has already been done but the big research centers either don’t know it or… they don’t admit it. How do we know the information needed for this energy breakthrough has not already been discovered by some unusual means? Are we sure?

Well… perhaps again, we are asking the wrong questions. And asking the wrong people. Perhaps the real answer already exists but is too bizarre and too well hidden for most to know or accept. What if the answer to this fusion technology is just a lot simpler than most realize.

To be continued…

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