Galactic Transport

Travel much? I have. It used to be places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, a few others. But then some farther away like Europe and the Middle East. Work, fun, sightseeing. Ski trips. Castles. Diplomatic engagements. Normal adventures, really.

But there are more distant locations you can go as well. Been there also. The stuff of NASA photos and movies. Fiction novels and sci-fi sagas. Unknown territories and “other systems”. Perhaps you need a hyperdrive for that. SpaceX isn’t going to cut it. Too far away, too long to get there. This isn’t an Apollo mission either. Rocket fuel can’t get you there.

It’s, well… beyond all that.

Beyond Advanced

So… how was it then? Where was this? How long did it take? What was there?

Now we’re getting somewhere. Various forms of transport exist. You’d be amazed what you can see and where you can go without technology limits. Very fast, very efficient. Very safe as well (I’m here writing this after all…)

No, you don’t need the assistance of scaly creatures. The ones that come with Kree glyphs. Speaking weird tales of long ago. I didn’t see any infiltrators or shape-shifters. Nope. I never met any of them. Didn’t need to! Bypassed all that stuff. This was more advanced.

Bifrost anyone? Why does everyone aim so low (shaking head). Why everyone asking the wrong questions? Accepting the wrong stories. Naive. Didn’t we already cover that terrain before? Was pretty sure we already answered this. Seriously, keep up. We’ll never make any progress by having to repeat lessons here:


Distant Planets

So what was there? Discoveries. Fascinating things that will change life as we know it. Yes, energy-related, of course. Isn’t that what everyone who does this sort of thing talks about? It’s what everyone wants to know. What’s all the “secret energy technology” we’re not being told about. The kind that requires those from distant spheres to come and show us. With their silvery crafts and glyphs (that I didn’t meet and didn’t need).

New energy. The kind that does not produce waste or deadly byproducts. But it’s really not “new”. It’s been around for a very long time. Before the… “aliens”. Huh…yep. Long before them. How do I know?

When you ask the right questions, you get the right answers. I’ve already said that here, just go back and read everything again.

Yes, there are strange things in far away places. Lunar scapes, but not ours. Martian surfaces, but not really the red planet. Stars captured and condensed. How much do you want to know? What’s it worth?

Answer this and I’ll answer that…

Follow the Path, Where Does It Go

When did all this start? The stuff I saw. More good questions! How did quarks and pions come into existence? Ask without agendas (does anyone even do that anymore??) Yes, I definitely got information! The ancient type. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

I just wonder if you’ll keep reading or if impatience will produce another slave. There are faster ways to get information. But you might want to ask…

What’s the real point of it all? A quest for knowledge. More knowledge. And more. For what purpose? Where is this going? Then what? Sure, it’s a good thing, depending on what it makes you into. Your pathway to knowledge has a price. Two different paths, two different outcomes.

One, you pay; the other, it pays you. What is the logical conclusion of the matter. Where is it all going?

Inflation Or Treasure

Information by itself is lifeless. It has no life and gives no life. Why aim so low? It makes balloon heads. Can’t fit too many of those into a closed space. What’s with aliens and their big heads, by the way. Good question, no one ever asks.

Ask instead for the source of the information. What are the origins. Who was there when it all began. What were ‘they’ like? Their character?

“Know the source” mean anything to you?

So what is it you want? I have information. I know how I got it. I didn’t consult Krees to get it. Did you? If yes, then your path is not the same as mine. Your source is not the same as mine. I’m not interested in scaly lifelessness. I want the real thing. Treasure.

When are we finally going to ask the right questions. When you do, then I’ll tell you. Simple!

Blue Cube Rocket is more than just a documentary of a technology breakthrough. It is also a testimony of choices and avenues and options that led to a discovery. Many of them. Stay tuned…


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