Solid State Carrots: The Elusive Wabbit

Seriously, have you been following the tech news? I mean, new stuff usually takes a while to go from “aha” to testing to prototype to full up production. But… you know, when so many people are trying to make a thing and claims are made and still after a few years, there’s a big zero.

Well, it just makes you wonder what’s really going on. I mean, maybe the discovery was so good that it had to be hidden underground in a big cave where only double agents can go. Odd that our imagination far exceeds our reality. Always.

Life Changing, No Doubt

What are we talking about? Well supposedly this amazing new tech will let us zip around after a single quick dock and then… undadadundadadun, avoid the long walk with roses before we redock (still, bring water). That plus, our mobiles can now be flexed and looped for such a journey.

Sounds wonderful to me. I’ll even put down the bucks (when I have it) for something like that. It will be… simply irresistible. Maybe even incombustible. Perhaps safely flyable.

But after hearing so much and seeing so little, right at the projected timeline. Well, I’m just wondering if we’ll have to wait another 30 years to have and to hold it. But if we actually do see such a thing, there’s even a possibility, as it’s been pitched, you may depart before it quits! That’s a little scary if you ask me – make sure to will it to the nextgen.

So what’s the deal then? Do we have such a thing or do we drone on in the land of plug and wait? How will we know? No one wants to show us a large-scale workable product. Just fantastical stories.

Press * To Hear This Again

And again, right on schedule, latest reports now push the whole thing off another 3 years (sigh). Exactly the point of all this. Such is the nature of technology. Feels at times like a time warp stuck in a loop. Emotional roller coaster. Big news, big suspense, big delays. Big consternation.

Someone woke up one day with the idea but missed a few critical pieces. It’s normal. We understand. Can kicking donkey riding, some will say. This isn’t our first rodeo. Or drag race. Indy. We’ll be here a little while. But…

At least now we have Qi!! A good precursor, like an appetizer. It’s good while we wait. Fun not having all those wires connected. Especially when you’re driving but didn’t plug in first (lane departure warning). When oh when will cordless data be enabled. CarPlay anyone? Minor oversight of course. Also hidden in a cave.

Too magical for general public use.

A Disney Ride By That Name

Like everything else, it’s on the way. Don’t let anyone fool you though, just because the big heads have it, doesn’t mean they own it. Glittery shiny things to capture your attention. Sleight of hand. Distraction from the real thing. Look up (farther up).

But for real, if SSC’s do actually exist as claimed, something is holding them up. We’ve sort of dealt with this before…


Regardless, it’s time for the break to come through. We’ve waited long enough. Endured much suspense. And trailers (we almost forgot what we came to see). Run out of Junior Mints yet?

So, in like manner, we here are just stalling. Filling up a little extra space chasing a hopping animal because we also are still in a process. Today’s diversion has useful common links to our own developing story. When you see the one, then you know the other. Can’t appreciate what you don’t fully know. We hope ours arrives before the new bunny.

It’s been a very long wait.

Blue Cube Rocket was created for the realm of energy, space and technology breakthroughs. This article was primarily focused on space. But not the spatial kind.


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