Interstellar Fashion: It’s A Revolution!

Low hanging fruit anyone? It’s right there, you can’t miss it. Just reach at eye-level. Or stoop down and pick it up. Easy enough, right? It’s the most convenient way! No effort, no sweat, no work. Right where you want it.

Where they wanted it. For you. Perfectly engineered for convenience. Glittery shiny thing. Looked like gold didn’t it. 24 carats of what? Who cares. Everyone will love it. Oh hang on… Popular vote is in and this just won.

They catch fish with that stuff. Then they eat them. Yep. All part of the game. Their strategy. A little different twist on our last one. Different purpose here.

Not to make you miss it, but so you think you caught it. The big one. Big news. Big discovery. Secrets (very mouth watering). Tastes good at first. You’ll eat the hole thing.

Even the hook.


Don’t worry about that. Keep biting. Seriously it’s amazing stuff. Besides they say… what you thought it was, but really it isn’t that.

Carnevale anyone? It’s fun. Ride in my ship? Maybe we can beat the 12 parsecs. Check out the system with two suns. There’s some wild stuff there. Globe changing. We’ll bring it back with us. The new renaissance has begun. Not so much the tech part.

Really, it’s all good! Flip it all. Works better that way. Rewrite. Exciting stuff. It’s really been around a long time. That’s how they got all those super straight lines. Geometric stuff.

Piezoelectric, way before our time. Where did that come from? The land of two suns? Sure, let’s take a ride. Stoop down when you get there. They’re short.


Been to Venice? A lovely place. Gondolas, artists, music (amazing – some of the best in the world most likely). Gelato? Can’t beat it. Hoping to go back. Really want one of those masks.

Dress up and walk the streets. Learn a few words, master the dialect, they’ll think I’m one of them. No way to know when you have on a mask!

Just don’t say much, you’ll fool them. Got any treats? October next month. I’m going interstellar myself. What shall I wear? Something electrifying. A storm trooper.


Ever see them without the white suit? Who are they really? They all look like “Fin”? Clones probably. We really never see that much. Intimidating they are. By design.

Flying around in their ships. Amazing stuff they have. Who are they really. Who’s there emperor. Take me to your leader they say. Just wondering when they’re going to return the favor.

Ah, you can get books on that (if you get the third kind). How to survive their groping. Why the obsession matches that here on earth. Galactic perverts.

Is that why so many here now…

Apparently we’re not so different now are we. Perhaps we did come from them. When will anyone ever ask the right questions

Mask Parades

Are those fruits or vegetables anyway? They’re all over now. Just pick one up. Easy and convenient this time of year. It’s my next stop. When I see the land of the two suns. I’ll bring some back.

Galactic gondola. I want their gelato. I suppose they have that there(?) Meet their people. Spend some quality time. Ask a few questions. Get to know their history.

What did they evolve from. Cosmic apes. Same as ours, just bigger eyes.

See the fossils. Check out their pyramids. Meet their pharoah. Bring back their writings. Compare them with ours. Do they have festivals or is it just a party all the time.

Book Now

February lasts all year round in some places.

I wanna go. Obsessed with masks. Their form, their function, what they show you. What they don’t. It’s fun. Galactic festival. Intriguing. Just love it. The mask. Maskarades.

Do they have apple pie there? In season now. Easy to get. Look down, conveniently at the entrance. Below eye level.

Going back to Venice. Want a mask. It’s interstellar.

Blue Cube Rocket will occasionally cover all the latest news in the universe. This has been an open source, unclassified, intelligence briefing on the fashion trends you may encounter in your travels.


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