Ride Check: Destination Course Clock

Let’s explore the travel theme again. This time a different angle. Not castles and distant planets. Not a drive out west or to the ocean. Nope. This is your personal destination. Where you end up. How you end up. And why. Did you end up where you expected.

We are in the process of showing our own pathway to our destination, one piece at a time. It will matter more later than now. I say “we”, but it’s more of a “me”. Artistic license. Sounds better because you are invited to come along. That makes it “we”.

We’re very practical here. So is this. It’s much simpler than it seems. But complex. Like driving. And flying. Both. Let’s do it. Flying cars anyone? Seems we’ll have them. We’ll save that for later.

Start with driving. You have a map, you have roads. Some good, some slow, some fast, some down to one lane for now. Exits. Confusing interchanges. Watch the signs! Don’t get hit. Don’t get stuck. Plan ahead. Stay focused. Take breaks. You’re not the only one there. Traffic control. Must.

Now the flying. You have charts. You have airways. Must communicate. Waypoints, check ins, procedures, directions. Course lines. Narrow. Cross checks. Rechecks. Agreement or divergence? Equipment status. Calculations, validations, what did you miss. What didn’t you hear. Complacency kills. Traffic control. Must.

Navigational Simplicity

Sit down to evaluate first. Weather, baggage, fuel, stops. Expectations vs reality. Backup plan. What if. Complex.

How you go dictates how you go. Easy or hard. Aim low or high. Know what you missed. Know what you don’t. Know when you’re wrong. East isn’t south. They don’t all end the same. You can’t take any way you want.

Straight or wandering. Directions don’t lie. People do. To themselves. Too smart. No need to listen. Reject the roads. Miss the end.

Seen it many times.

Easy to get off course. Winds. Distractions. Scan interrupted. Autopilot only for airplanes and some cars. No such thing for life journey. Manual corrections required.

Simple yet complex. Both. How high will you go? Miss a turn? Everyone does. Can’t admit it? Fail. Many do. Course correction, fact of life in the air. Constant. Ensures success.

How will you know. Will you know. Where do you go to find the answers. They exist. We’ve been there…

Inspiration In The Night: Collecting Gems

Clock Science

This works interstellar. 4 dimensions. Make a clock. Never miss. Never late. Set the terms. Planets align. Add time, never run out.

Equations. Define the variables. Input output. Right or wrong. Hologram. What creates reveals. Vice versa. Vis-à-vis answers all (mask off).

This is not a stamped out clone. Your life is not a copy. It’s unique. Was meant to be. It’s not where you start. It’s where you end. It’s how you go. It’s your directions.

It’s course rechecks. It’s your way. Roads are narrow. Airways are narrow. Must be. Direct courses are narrow. Life journey.

Off course means wrong end. Failed arrival. Missed. Correct it. Complacency kills. Or disappoints. Overconfidence kills. And disappoints. Aim higher. Look farther.

Cross Checks

Confirm your destination? It’s possible! Those who say you can’t lie. To you and to themselves. South isn’t north. Directions matter.

Look at the others. You follow them. Where did they end. How did they go. Where did they go. Recheck. Make sure. It’s not that hard. Cut short or arrive at the end. Whose directions they used.

Our themes repeat.

Some too sure. Some aim low but think it’s high. Get to know them. You’ll see their fruit. We covered that already. How to avoid!

Stay low but aim higher.

Are You New Here?

For newcomers, we’re going somewhere with all these but we must first lay the foundation so you know how we arrived at our destination. We believe the how is as important as the where.

The Stage is Set: Energy Breakthrough is Coming

Blue Cube Rocket is on a trajectory. Flight path calculations ongoing. Always. Check in with us again. We hope you’ll follow. Our destination is coming into view.


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