UPGRADE?! Dimes, Unicorns & Prototypes

You’ve done this. Your computer became obsolete. So did your flip phone (as cool as they were). Now even your watch will go out of date (but sadly, not because they made a better battery). So what did you do? Keep that ol’ thing?? I’m guessing here. As madly in love you were with it. The day came when you parted with it to death. The landfill gained another recyclable. Sigh. Back to Atacama we go!

Alright, so I confess. I like to play games. Did I say “we”? Pardon the slip. Not the board game type. Sometimes yes. Games are fun. They make you think. The game reveals the player. Sometimes exposes. Expands the mind. Not like Loki. Helps you upgrade. That ol’ thing. You know… why so slow? Why so limited? Times to dollars. When will we ask…

How’d that happen, anyone?


You’ve got a ten cent piece in your head. Strange, isn’t it. It just happened that way. We take everything for granted. The most basic questions, yet no one asks. No one challenges (almost). How can you solve the problem when you don’t know the source?

The two sun people have your answer. It’s Carnevale! They eat pastries there. Cannelloni. Worth the trip. Cupcakes we have here. Bigger, fluffier. Gas is cheaper. Made from millions of squeezed dinosaurs. Same as that orange sauce at China King. You buy it. Great stuff (always sneak a few extra packets when I take out).

Squeeze away! I’ll catch that duck, show you how it’s done. Fill your tank with it.


Uhh we were saying… Your phone. Maybe the tablet. For sure the PC. We always upgrade. It’s in our genes. We crave the missing. Links and gaps and all the rest. Remember the first one? What did it look like? Similar in many ways to what we have now. A basic rectangle. It’s not really what’s on the outside that matters. It’s the insides mostly (sort of).

The first produces offspring. 3, 4, 5S, X… you know the rest. First of its kind. Who made it? Who upgrades it? 3 to X. iPhone to iPhone. Samsung to Samsung. Apple does not upgrade Galaxy Notes. Nor the flip.

Ford does not upgrade Tesla either. Distinctions matter. Would you hire a disloyalist? (they’ll do you same).

The maker upgrades the model. Down here, we start with limitations and increase the capabilities. Hmmm… true for tech. Ten cents anyone? The maker upgrades the model. Find the maker, get the upgrade. Assumptions matter. Questions not asked.

Original Design

Why the dime? Try another. Why the stones with names? Take that for granted as well? Short dates. Many assumptions. Few challenges. Not convenient. Games are fun.

A favorite one: ask what people believe and find they really don’t. Swiss cheese ideologies. Baby swiss. Fish in a barrel. Steeple people are the worst. More baby than swiss. Archetype or antitype. Ask the right questions.

Down here we start limited. Tech only. People in reverse. Reduced to a dime. Reduced. Not an assumption! How do we know we have a dime if there wasn’t more? Who figured that out? So we originally had a dollar. Originally.

But left with a dime. Everyone a ten cent. Standard across the range of models. No notable exceptions. All the same. No one a half-dollar, no one a quarter. Well, ok… a few nickels so it seems. They’re all the free ones if you buy it. Logic leapers.

One Horn Triple See

Carnevalians will tell you. They use Samsung to make iPhones. Err grechht grbreep. Yes. More logic leapers. It’s all in the free mind. Triple vision. Head spin. One horn horsey. Predictable is boring. You picked up the trend, right? All the same.

Little Miss Mufins. So serious they are. Scary stories. Lock your doors. Close your blinds. One eye open, maybe the lights on. Cosmic gropers. Heads get bigger. Just like the… uhh… maker? Ohh.


Questions are overrated. Just sign the $#&^ thing. My goodness, check the masks.

Interstellar Fashion: It’s A Revolution! 

100 Mega Course

So you want to upgrade. Not your iPhone or Samsung. Not the flip either (sorry Jason -seriously, we really liked it). Nope, YOU want to upgrade. Your ten cent. Get that dollar back. And you’re going to use what way?? Ford will make you a Lamborghini. Tesla will make you an iPad. That’s what they tell you (it’s in the fine print – many pages thin).

Low hanging fruit.

Ask the right questions. The inconvenient ones. Not all the others that go around the bullseye but that one in the middle. Nope, run screaming from that one. It disagrees with choices (favorite game?). Common sense as it is. Undisputable except by the free nickel people.

What’s the point? Just playing our game here. As stated at the top. Games to think. Make you work out your own. Check the road you’re traveling on. Or the airway. Cross check your compass and GPS and that gyro thingy. Make sure one isn’t giving you a false indication. Pilot stuff. Ah, you can find it all on YouTube now.

Downgraded. Upgrade available. Original design. Maker of model. No switching – doesn’t work that way. Common sense. Upgrade is available. Use right road (directions exist). Already been done. Dime to dollar. Present day now! (It’s all in the fine print.)

100 Mega has been achieved (you caught that, right?)

We hope you enjoyed our game here. Some games will make you mad. Not all win. Some lose. Games reveal the players. Sometimes expose. Yikes!!!

Blue Cube Rocket exists to observe the trends, patterns and eating habits of all forms of “life” and check under a few rocks while in search of the mysterious and fantastical free range (but not organic) creature.


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