The Tesseract? Spinning Required

Who needs asteroids. Big rocks from outer space. Good movie plots. Launch a nuke and save the planet. Maybe (physics does not support). But we don’t need space threats. We’ve outdone the cosmic slingshot. Ultron was onto something. The asteroid won’t be needed. We forgot. Ever since the atomic breakthrough, someone has been itching to prove its true raw power.

Historical amnesia, over-familiarity, presumption. Repeating cycles on a scale of greater severity. Ah, but this is not philosophy or academic musings. This is current reality. If you’re north or south side of the Great Wall, you already know what’s been planned. Mankind has illusions of utopia. But fails the reality test (not everyone wants that).

Unexpected Mathematics

Some just want power. Global control. A big tower (again). Odd thing, none of those have succeeded in the AD. Not yet. Not everyone wants to “coexist” (hilarious). Study their doctrines, they don’t agree, never will. Idiot, burn the sticker.

Ah, the stuff of universities! The only place that works. Lecture halls (where more dreaming takes place than any bedroom).

So we have a chance. Funny, our movies tell all. Hidden in plain sight. How did they know? We already have the new energy. The tesseract existed for decades! Where is it?? Movies. Truth is stranger than fiction. Well hidden. But not unused.

Fiction was never fiction. So we have a chance. Utopia or the big tower. Not everyone wants the same. Just the simpletons. Where is it. What have they done with it. What if it’s already been employed. But not for all. For the tower. Apparently it’s too short.

And while they slept…

Degrees Per Hour

Is there a cosmic limit? Or just a human one. The heart of man is infinitely good. Wrong. Save money, sleep at home. Choice B. Who is right, Jarvis or Ultron. Who has the greater will. Which is more aggressive. Which one does not sleep. Which one always appears stronger.

So, what shall we do? Play the game? Pieces already in motion. Can it be stopped. The simulation is not an exercise. All the while, no one knew. ‘Twas the night before…

[Bullseye: 70W – 122W; 25N – 45N. New Tundra. 15 degrees.]

While they slept!

The land of the Red. The home of the slave (future, not past). Both. All created equal! On paper. Sad. Does ET kill their own also (or just tell us to). Do unto others. Boomerang returning. Tower too small (apparently).

Plant A Tree

Or perhaps… the land of the breakthrough. Tower or utopias. What determines? The game has begun. Simulation ongoing. Dreamland is fun. Reality not so.

We have a solution. The tesseract exists. Global solutions. Warm light. Already here! When will we have it. Buried in box. Lots of sand. Under a tower. Time to topple!

The game plays on… Mr Stark may rescue. NYC might live. The apple or the mushroom. For all mankind to share.

Pride and destruction. Inseparable. Universal law. Gravity wins this match. Always. Simulation ongoing. Countdown. Are the big head bug eyes also this confused… Sign of promise not symbol of sewer. Originator has declared it. Permanent. Unchangeable. The smoking light is on.

Hearing The Ringing

On the verge of two eves. The eve of breakthrough. And that of the other one. 1965. Outcome unknown. The game has begun. Covered log ride. Tubular. Plotted. Inbound. Valid and authentic. Submersive.

No one knows. 15 degrees. Work must continue. We may still win. Putin your bet. She gin pings Ali K dong. Trump cards or ring of kings. Invisible war. Romanian speaks. Spades in stock.

Faith for the impossible. Who will answer. Hear the way out. ‘Unlikely’ solution (for privileged perception). Cosmic paradox. Low is high. High makes low. Gravity wins. Who will hear.

Believing for the unprecedented. Hoping, but they’re lofty. Pigs in a boutique. Cats in the rain. Marsh among the steeples. Ears have they shut (their own). Sniffing the higher elevations. Aromatic angle. Unprecedented to hear. Solutions unpopular (most of the time).

Cat’s In The Box

What then shall we do. Sleeping ears. The midnight rider.

Two if by sea.

Not the asteroid. One splits. One binds. One continues on. One destroys. Two make free.

Where is it now. What have they done with it. When we have it, watch to see what may fall.

We’re still working. The tesseract. For all to share. It exists. Well buried. If we stay spinning, we will have it. If we are hearing, we will be spinning. Spinning must retrograde. Return to progress. Evolve to regress. Nothing new under the sun.

Until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on.

– Nick Fury, Avengers

We at Blue Cube Rocket are going with Fury (not fury). That does not mean we are right. Regardless, we can’t give up. It’s our assignment.

Image credit: Screen Rant


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