Worlds – Realms – Expansions: One Of Its Kind

What’s with Mars? It’s the new thing. It’s a big universe. Lots of habitable planets and zones. So they say. Seems logical. Expand the mind, the possibilities are infinite. For the finite man. In this realm at least. Suppose that’s the overlooked part.

Travel much? It’s fun. Drive, fly, float. Lots to see here on earth. Lots of empty spaces also. Ever look out the window on a jet? How about satellite photos? Huge vast expanses on earth. Innovators in short supply to make use of it. Expanses of lands that could be used for crops or energy or towns.

But we’re talking about the universe.

Reduction Or Revolution

Big. Super big. Unknowable-big. Hard for the finite mind to comprehend. What’s out there? How do we get there? In realistic timelines. The paradox.

Obviously not with the two-tank engines. Too big, too slow, too limited, too… finite. The big hopper. Too big not to topple (is it a joke?) For real, it looks like a tower.

Need an expansion plan. Need space speed. Earth-realm transport not practical. Not up there. Musk be a better way. Where’s Lawson when you need her…

Suppose we’re looking at this from the wrong dimension. Change the theory, change the results. Ah, where did we hear that before. Suppose it’s not that hard. Suppose the timeline is off. Myopia. Think bigger, think longer.

Suppose it was there all along. Hidden for those who wanted it. Another intriguingly familiar theme. Suppose it’s outside the time-space realm. Still in space but not in time.

Make It Big Again

What if the big brains are just too small. Think they know all. The stuff of lecture halls. And theology (all of them). Yawn. How to make the infinite tiny. Terrestrial paradox. How can so much “illumination” produce such box mind.

Expansion means increase. Limits not included nor intended. Humans are limited. Man is finite. But this realm is not. What happens when your world runs over.

Foxes reduce rabbits. Lions reduce elk. Snakes reduce mice. All seek to multiply. But humans reduce…humans. Tiny ones they are. Reductionism intellectualism. Just like their theories.

Tiny brain makes tiny ideas. Small thinking makes lecture halls. And theologies. Make it big again. Expand the mind. Expand the possibilities. The realm of unlimited.

Not the constriction by the dime. Or of the time.

First Of Many

A new idea. A new place. A new world. A new realm. First of its kind. A new design. Planet Columbus. Leading the pack. Leading the way. The way of confined to the space without limits. To become a one. King of the hill.

Original design. Original idea. Original instructions. One sun not two. One before many. One but not lone. The first of an order (but not by a tower, neither a mask). Intended for all time. And before it. Intended without time.

Inventors and innovators become rulers in their realm. The world looks to them. In their time. The finite time. Transcend that. How. The limits of man versus the un-limits of the universe. Space without time. The unintended barrier.

How to solve it. The problem of time. Can it be ruled. Can a ruler overcome it. Why do they settle. The universe is big. The planets are many. The spacecraft impractical.

The Equation Key

It’s imagination time. Where new things are discovered. Where ideas change lives. The place in the mind where the limits are not found. But mostly in a child. Where faith is found. Where dimensions are added. Doors open to new realms.

Where the one is given the right and the place and the gift out of time. Where riches have value. Where the infinite exists. Expansion plans of a new realm. How do we get there. The equation with the unknown variable. The missing element.

Parallels. Barriers that invite. The transform. From one to the other. The original design. Plan without limits. But imposed on by time (isn’t that the main point). Change the variable, change the dimension, change the outcome.

Input + limits = output with limits.

The limits are time. The plan is unlimited. The universe is unlimited. The planets are many. For each, one. What then shall we do. How to travel, how to make use, how to understand, how to arrive. What was the plan.

Who will find. The plan without time. The realm of the plan. To become the first of a new kind.

Galactic Transport

Blue Cube Rocket is in the expansion business. We’ve found the way. After much searching and winding paths. It’s higher than they think. And better. Infinitely. And everything makes sense when you see it. If our style seems odd, click here for the decoder clue.


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