Time Travel & Energy: Suppose The Assumptions Are Missing Something

Today we had the thought to re-examine what seems to be a very commonly held assumption about the subject of time travel. Just from movies and scientific articles, it seems this is not so obscure a topic. Especially in recent times. Seriously – why is everyone so obsessed with time travel? They really are! But here, we don’t think that’s wrong to look for solutions to such seemingly bizarre ideas. We believe there is merit to the quest for such an ability.

But if you look around at what everyone is saying, it doesn’t take long to see there is an obvious connection between one or both of two things: space and energy. Most seem to have leapt off Einstein’s theory where speed is connected to the passage of time. Obviously everyone thinks that’s been proven true. BUT that is also theory. [We had to edit this part – there is a major issue in the automatic assumption that the moving of a clock has anything to do with the literal passage of time]. Consider all this just brainstorming here, for what it’s worth…

Suppose the angle from which everyone is approaching this entire topic is just missing something, or fixated on the wrong thing. Let’s ask a few questions and see where it all goes, shall we? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, we believe.

Time Travel = Speed + Distance + Energy

Ok so if we were writing an equation for time travel, that “equation“ above isn’t exactly perfect physics. But you get the basic idea. No matter where you look, you’re going to see articles and theories that seem to demand that all these variables are inseparably linked. Here’s an example…

Such a trip would pose formidable engineering problems: the amount of energy required, even assuming a perfect conversion of mass into energy, is greater than a planetary mass. But nothing in the known laws of physics would prevent such a trip from occurring.

According to current physical theory, is it possible for a human being to travel through time? – Scientific American

But maybe you’re not quite so scientific. No problem. We can bring this down to earth for those who are not yet up on all the latest physics and the quantum realm and aim our gaze at the big screen. For whatever reason, there’s usually a high degree of connection between science and movies. We agree it makes for good entertainment, despite the occasional use of terms in somewhat out of context manner.

So then… Why do movies always depict massive amount of energy required to go forward or backward in time? Who (aside from Doc Brown) came up with that idea and is there any truth to that?

The answer again seems that it goes back to Einstein’s relativity where you must be moving at a very high rate of speed before you enter the realm where time is now altered in its rate of progression based on the point from where you started (Earth, most likely). But in most cases, that still only deals with the forward movement of time.

That obviously leaves us still with an extremely limited ability to manipulate time in any other way. Sure, this is a great start, but it is nowhere near real time travel. The goal after all is to have the unrestricted ability to go forward and backward, just like the buttons on your remote control. So how do we get there.

Suppose The Standard Assumptions Are Not True…

Let’s approach this all from a very different angle and go back to square one. Let’s start asking a few questions and see where it goes. How about…

  • What is the relationship between energy and time? 
  • Energy is required for space travel. So why is energy required for time travel? 
  • Time is related to space, so how does energy relate to space?
  • Who says space and time are always connected? 
  • Why does time travel require movement through space?
  • Why can’t time travel be done independently without any relationship with space? 
  • What if time travel has no bearing on space or energy?

What if we restart the search for a time travel ability by disconnecting energy and space from the equation. What then do we get?

Alternate Theories?

Suppose the above stated is just an assumption that has been made which is actually incorrect and has led everyone to presume all the above. Suppose that assumption is still only addressing 10% of the problem but to get the other 90%, you don’t have to deal with the above variables at all?

  • Suppose (electrical) energy has nothing to do with time travel. If that’s the case then you don’t need any machines.
  • Suppose this is not a scientific topic as it seems many or all have assumed. What if the answer does not involve physics?

One source of potential agreement with our line of questioning is below where alternate theories are suggested involving string theory and gravity. But if you get to the bottom of those alternatives, you are still seemingly forced into the requirement to use massive amounts of energy to cause time to bend and submit to our own personal use.

Time Travel: Theories, Paradoxes & Possibilities – space.com

No matter how you look at it, there seems to be few theories where energy is not needed. Even in the case of finding and using some unusual form of matter (particles or some substance), the way to extract that and make that work for us appears at this point to still require energy to make it serve our purpose.

So, again, back to our basic question: what if time travel has nothing to do with energy or space? What if we’ve all been fixated on the wrong thing?

We don’t have the scientific answer here. But all the theories just kept saying the same thing. So we had to ask the most obvious question.

Perhaps we’ll come back to this topic again. Perhaps we’ve already dealt with it. From a very different angle. Or from a different realm.


Worlds – Realms – Expansions: One Of It’s Kind

Blue Cube Rocket exists (sometimes) to ask a lot of questions. Because someone has to. And because sometimes everyone is asking all the wrong ones. Potentially. We just like to make sure. And approach problems from very different directions at times.


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