Travel Bits

After surviving the last few posts about mirrors and exchanges and wishes and islands, there’s a very logical next block. We’re going somewhere of course. And the course is critical. Like navigating. By air or sea. Charts, angles, routes, terrain. Stars, magnets, calculating and recalculating (the most important part).

Suppose you’re off course. How would you know. To a navigator, this is without question. Crosschecks are constant. Part of the training. How to know your indications agree. How to know one is off. How to identify an error. There’s no room for slack.

Hard Heading

But this is about your life. Not how you began. But how you finish. What you do in between. Navigating. By a different set of tools. Or instruments. Or charts.

Most don’t know. We didn’t. For a very long time. That we were off course. Very badly. But thought we were right. Adamantly so. (Scary). And we were wrong.

And the day came. Finally. A gift it was. We were confronted. More than once. We did what everyone else does. We argued. We fought. With others and with self. It was ugly. A rough road. A long one. The arrogant are slow learners. Because they think they know all. Who can get through such a wall.

But we stayed in the process. Wasn’t fun. Was brutal. That was the island. Our island. How to correct miles of error code. Find the errors. Correct them. One by one. It’s worse than it sounds. Programming began before birth. Several generations. Very deep rooted. Had to be routed.

But how do you do this. How do you discover this. How do you find out that YOU are wrong. Totally. Everything you thought you knew. Wrong. Yep. We’ve said this before. We would know. So far off the path, it’s abominable. Like the snowman. With teeth and claws and growls. The whole deal.

Fire & Ice

Wrong paths are convenient. They’re more fun. Feeds what should have been killed off. On an island. Normally. But the end. Always run from it. Can’t. The clock will stop. For you.

But wisdom looks straight at it. Considers the meaning. Considers the alternatives. Considers the options. Considers the mirror. Drops the agendas. Values honesty (first of self).

So… how will you know. When will you find out. When it’s too late? Most of the time. Most don’t care. This is where they dig in their feet. Cemented now. Refuse to budge. Refuse to acknowledge. That you can get the answers. They exist.

You already got them in fact. We’ve said that before also. We have proof. Been there. Eye opening. There’s no proof says the deliberately blind. Blinded by their own convenience. Ouch. Been there.


The code has errors. We invent math to find them. It works. Every time. 16 to 32. But now 64. Here… this is how it works. Smart guy figured this out.

The error is easy to point out. And math is the analogy. What works there applies elsewhere. The mind is a computer. We all know that. Organic super computer. With errors. Programmed before birth (with errors). Unavoidable. So easy to just admit it. Especially when there’s a way out.

So smart but can’t admit your code is wrong. Needs a parity. The answer is usually the same. We say here what we had to do. We started all this with self. First. Quite a while ago. So do what we did.

But the rod stops you. Unbendable. Refuses. Self defeating. Just quit already. The bits prove it. Don’t believe us? Ask your neighbor. What they say when you’re not there. Just admit it.

What Is A Rod, BTW

So again we ask. How will you know. The path you chose. How far off you are. Everyone is off. Everyone. So how will you know. Course correcting. Terminal guidance. Daily. Frequent. External guidance.

Radar controllers know instantly. Compute the destination if no correction. Way off. Badly. How will you know. Daily guidance. External. Been there. Found it.

How do you think we got here.

From adamantly “knowing all” to admitting the code was wrong. The least likely to get here. Least likely to reverse course. To look in mirror. To admit the code was wrong. Completely.

Let There Be Light

How. Who will do that. And why. True confrontation will reveal. And correct. There’s a better path. Than the one you’re on. Higher, further, faster. For real. Much better. Results. Now and definitely later.

We’ve answered it before but may have missed it. That’s ok. Repeat themes are good. Little by little. Piece by piece. A story develops. Follow the trail. Where will it go. How will it look.

By the way, what are YOU willing to give up? To get something much better.

Mysteries Revealed By Ancient Means: More Common Than You Knew

Blue Cube Rocket is well versed at navigating. Studied it from all angles. By air and by life. Even taught it to many. For both. And we like comparisons. We just got some news. Huge. Long awaited. Stay tuned!


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