Quantum Myths: The Entangling Theory

Well this is a bit odd, isn’t it. A w k w a r d anyone?? Not to mention very confusing. But not at all surprising. Who would have known. Now what. Rewrite all the movie and tv show scripts. Go back in time about a hundred years and start all over. Throw it all out! Back to the drawing board. Wow. This is going to suck. We’ve all been had. And to be honest, that explains everything.

The Quantum Paradox

So what’s the deal? What’s going on here? Glad you asked! Well, simply put, this is a very familiar theme here. We’ve been hinting at it for the past year now. But only now do a few more revelations suddenly come to light. Well, ok not exactly “now”. Again, go back 100 years or so and you’ll see none of this is new.

But from the perspective of the cosmic detective (us), we are in the process of putting some pieces together (remember, we just said that?) So this just came up here. In a big and surprising and relieving way. And now the tech we said has existed for decades suddenly makes sense on more levels than we had any idea.

Nebula : That’s not how it works!
Clint Barton : Well, that’s what I heard.
Hulk : Who told you that? … I don’t know why everyone believes that, but that isn’t true.
Scott Lang : So, “Back to the Future”‘s a bunch of b!$#+?

Marvel Avengers: Endgame

See, we have this thing here, it’s sort of like a company slogan (or whatever). Something about “asking the right questions”. And the follow up being something like, “because hardly anyone ever does“. And then subsequent to that, “when you ask the right questions, you finally get the right answers“.

What the heck, we should be quoted on that, we’ve said it so many times here.

When you ask the right questions, you finally get the right answers. – Blue Cube Rocket


We just like that thing about going backward as a means to progress. And sometimes that means going back to the time when you could still learn new tricks. Before you became an… yeah that’s it. Trying to be diplomatic here but, you know. Some things just are.

Slayed By An Ugly Fact

So here we have it. The popular theories, once again proven false. Big surprise (not). We’ve been down this road before here. When a thing becomes so complicated that even the “experts” don’t even know what they’re talking about. Yep. Ptolemy strikes back.

Who wins this charade. The road is a dead end no matter how long it takes to get there. Eventually we will. They will. Everyone who once now praised will then be scoffed and mocked. It’s a funny thing. Time. The more you have, the lazier you get.

But it always runs out. Then suddenly, that thing you put off. Oops, now it’s today. Then what. You can’t escape. All those years you fattened yourself up. Can’t undo it now. Too late. The bill finally came due. Better to pay it now.

Btw, how long did it take for Galileo and Copernicus to be proven correct?? Yep. Your unborn grand kids will be dead long before this lie is sent into the black hole from which it came. It’s the Renaissance all over again and who will be burned at the stake next for mocking this sacred cow.

Revolution By The Unpopular

Another thing we’ve said before. This thing about scientists. And religion. What’s the deal anyway. Why so similar. Why so obtuse. So opinionated. So stubborn. So… arrogant. Know-it-all. Can’t learn anything new. Cling to a dead theory.

Rather have books piled up. And degrees. Paper accomplishments that have no results. And they want it that way?!

They really do. And they kill everyone who disagrees. Yep they do! Excommunication from universities and temples and auditoriums and social gatherings and… You name it. Kill everything. The murder of the spirit. They leave you walking but you’re effectively dead.

Uhh… one question. Their road ends also. Their day comes also. Their reckoning comes also. Except by those who (also) refuse to believe that. Sorry, but we tried. Your rod got in the way (ouch). No worries, we used to have one also. Used to.

So what’s our point. When you finally realize the universal paradox: that which cannot be easily explained is akin to that which is false. When you see that patterns exist in many aspects of reality and that parallels can be used to explain the one from the other.

And that some things are simpler than they appear. And that some of the most obvious facts are hidden in plain sight.

Foretelling A Discovery

Choose this day which is true. The entangling of complex myths or the flowing of the electrical charge from one realm to the other. Step back and look at their results. The entangling results in stacks of papers. The flowing of charges has demonstrated results. Many times over.

The weak force can never be made strong; it can never be made to bind all things together. Common sense is a relief. The laws of forces always works. Always.

(Seriously, you should really click our links here.)

We hope you’ll see our point. We did. But first we didn’t. We tried the popular myths. Perhaps we were not smart enough to follow them. But. Perhaps we were smarter than to follow them.

And we hope you’ll check out our previous post. Because it foretold our discoveries here exactly on time

Puzzle Time

Blue Cube Rocket exists to uncover that which has been hidden. Some by time. Some by professors. Some by tower makers. Btw, how do you like our new logo? Don’t look too quickly. You might have missed a thing or few. We’ll explain later.


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