Re-investigating Cosmic Theories: Scientific Fact Or Unsubstantiated Myth?

We’ve been on a journey of discovery that’s leading to a major technology breakthrough. But the funny thing is, we are neither scientist nor engineer nor astronomer or any of those types. Yes, we have a decent basic understanding of those subjects from our university days but we do not posses an academic specialization in these fields.

So that means we’re learning everything by perhaps random and unusual methods previously alluded to here. Because of that, we have a certain advantage shared surprisingly by a few others who have made remarkable breakthroughs in various technical fields (more on that later).

Scientific Upheaval In Progress

We’ve been doing some cosmic detective work based on a tip from a couple years ago and it led us unsuspectingly to the realization that much of what we’ve learned in modern day physics and astronomy is complete garbage.

Yes, that sounds like a broad sweeping preposterous accusation. And yes, we are prepared to offer sound evidence to support that claim. As we were hinting at in our last post…

Quantum Myths: The Entangling Theory

The reason we need to discuss a few things here today in a bit more detail is that, when you have the wrong foundation, you cannot build anything substantial on top of it. Creating a whole new set of energy technology inventions requires the correct understanding of the basic principles by which the universe operates.

But because of false narratives on the topics of physics and astronomy, those who have already invented and demonstrated new and bizarre devices that actually work were shoved into a closet and we were all told “that doesn’t exist” by mainstream media and tower builders. So…

Scientific Method Mandate: No Biases Allowed

What we’d like to focus on today are two of the biggest theories in astronomy that have been promoted as fact but have yet to be accompanied by any serious evidence. You might be surprised to hear this but, most of our underlying beliefs about astronomy actually are built entirely on pure speculation. Oops.

Seriously, you’re going to need to just follow along with us here…

What we will propose today is that the following entities are total myths based on pure conjecture and faulty reasoning and have completely different logical explanations based on hard science that we have known about for perhaps 150 years now. Here they are… (click the links to see the history behind each):

If you take a big step back and erase all biases and predetermined outcomes (as we did), we are very convinced you’re about to see there is what appears to be a much better explanation for the above mentioned entities.

Full disclosure here – just like many others, we initially believed as most others do all the so-called “popular science”. We tried studying all the quantum theories and many complex astronomical explanations but we did sort of run into a few problems in trying to understand what the big name experts were trying to say.

Complexity Does Not Equal Validity

But perhaps we were just not smart enough to understand them. Or maybe it was the opposite… perhaps our brain was subtly resisting what it knew all along could not possibly be correct. You’ve heard of confirmation bias, right?

But here’s what we think as we’ve been delving into this “new material“ that you’ll see below…

When you really get down to the basics, it does appear that the gravitational model theory of the universe does have a lot of odd exceptions and contradictions for an increasing list of Ptolemaic “reasons” why things supposedly work according to an ever changing slippery set of rules. (Sounds like modern day society, btw).

We’ve been programmed to believe that everything is so highly complex that it can never be understood. And, yes there are many complexities, but perhaps not in the way that popular science has led us to believe.

Science news is filled with articles suggesting all sorts of elaborate conjectures that, in the end, continue a mantra of so-called discoveries that leave endless questions without answers. Maybe the reason for these lack of answers is because the entire basis of the theories are simply false and that is why they can never make them work or provide believable explanations.

The Miracle Of Compressing Mass

So the first item on the hit list for today is…What is a black hole. It is a supposed location in space whereby a massive celestial entity once existed until it was compressed into a space so small that all nearby matter becomes sucked in, never to be seen from again.

Ok, fine. So let’s back up a bit here and start over for the sake of examining this from an unbiased viewpoint. A few questions…

Where is the law or equation or principle of science that shows how mass can be compressed in such a way that it inexplicably creates a sudden surge in gravitational force by which it ceases to adhere to any previously established law.

Where is the proof that mass can even be compressed by a gravitational force (the weakest of all forces), especially to the extent that a planet hundreds of times the size of Earth can be miraculously squeezed into a space the size no larger than that of New York City?!

Question: are we dealing with science here or miracles??

Miracles exist but scientists have proven time and again to be the least likely to believe in them! How do we suddenly change the rules that have been long ago tested and proven?!

Four Forces (?)

Here is what is said to be a well known, alleged fact of science:

The four forces are often described according to their relative strengths. The strong force is regarded as the most powerful force in nature. It is followed in descending order by the electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational forces.

Fundamental force, Britannica

There it is… It is said that gravity is the weakest of all forces. But note the contradiction here… (restating, by the logic of mainstream science) gravity is the weakest of all forces and yet somehow it can inexplicably become the strongest of them.

Though gravity holds planets, stars, solar systems and even galaxies together, it turns out to be the weakest of the fundamental forces…

The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature,

And that is just the tip of the iceberg now because the more you get into finding out how the universe really operates, the more you are forced to consider the fact that gravity is NOT at all what we have been led to believe! There is in fact good reason to believe it is actually an electrical force, which then makes the above statements about “four forces” complete absolute BS. (Yes, that’s what we said).

One thing for certain is that mainstream science is equally bewildered by “gravity” as it is about every other aspect of the universe so why then should it be any mystery that even the most basic thing they’ve taught is actually a complete myth. And that puts us on the verge of going completely off the rails here so let’s just hold at this point and come back to this topic later on.

Back to what we were trying to say…

Now it’s video time. We admit right up front that we did not catch on to what you’ll see here below at first. But, the more we considered the perspectives of the speakers, the more their arguments made very logical sense.

Again, a brief history on the “invention” of the black hole might help before watching these (see this link here).

Filling Gaps With …?

Ok, so let’s assume you survived everything we’ve presented above and you actually watched both videos (because we are not restating all that here). Now it’s time for the next topic. And here’s potentially where Ptolemy shows up again.

Dark matter and dark energy. As stated above, we previously thought this was a demonstrated fact of science and believed this was true without question.

But – some historical fact is again helpful. The idea of dark matter was proposed about a hundred years ago by Fritz Zwicky. And as shocking as it may sound (for such an unbelievably popular theory), there is still no proof any such thing actually exists! That’s odd.

What If We Already Have The Answers

So there must be some other theory we can examine just to make sure this “dark stuff” is in fact a reality. Fortunately, there is! Suppose the invisible stuff that holds the universe together is not dark matter and dark energy. Perhaps it is instead something (at times) equally invisible but not at all unknown or undiscovered.

Suppose it is actually something we are already extremely well familiar with.

What if the magical energy that causes everything in the universe to work together as we see with our telescopes is actually plasma and electricity and magnetism. We already know what each of these are. They are very well understood. Replacing the popular theories of mysterious dark matter and dark energy with these here is actually very logical if you look into it as we did.

Again… don’t take our word for it. Remember, we are not scientists here, we are simply cosmic detectives who occasionally stumble into something that we believe must be considered.

Gravity? Or… Plasma, Electricity & Magnetism

To summarize… What if the universe is not based on gravity but instead, electrical energy and magnetic fields flowing through massive plasmas, all of which produce the strange looking sights that we see in the vast expanses of space. What if “black holes“ are an illusion with a much more logical explanation and galaxies are not held together by the apparent weakest force in the universe but instead by combinations of electrical energy and magnetism.

  • Let’s consider the possibility that just because something has been pushed in the news and movies by many popular celebrities for many decades does not make it true.
  • Let’s actually go back and examine the real history behind all these theories and see whether their origin even makes any sense.
  • Let’s consider whether much of what we are currently being told about the night sky is nothing more than confirmation bias.
  • Let’s step back a bit and see what other theories exist and whether they have much better explanations, built on solid factual evidence and well understood laws of physics.

Upcoming Energy Tech Will Be Built On Correct Physics

As stated before, we are on a journey that will ultimately lead to all new energy technology. In the process of getting there, it’s imperative that we have the correct understanding of physics and probably even the universe as a whole. When you have the theory wrong, many artificial limitations exist. But when you correct all that, astonishing possibilities suddenly become reality.

We’ve hinted many times here that there have already been devices invented using bizarre forms of energy technology that defy all modern understanding of physics. The stuff we are being taught in our universities is just plain wrong. If this sounds new or hard to believe, continue following us here and you’ll eventually see that our “strange claims“ are in fact true.

Blue Cube Rocket is continuing the journey, occasionally with hard facts to back up our sometimes unorthodox style of prose. We’ve said it all along, we know where this is going. We just don’t always come right out and say it all straightforwardly. Except on days when it makes sense to.


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