The Sun: Cosmic Electric Lightbulb Or Fusion Ball? (When Beliefs Collide With Facts)

Continuing our study into how the universe works, we’ve turned our attention recently in the direction of our sun and discovered there is extensive material available about a model of its operation that is totally at odds with what mainstream science tells us. In the process of approaching all this with an open mind, we’ve found ourselves arriving at the conclusion that the popular theory of the sun as a fusion ball is totally invalid.

New Energy Tech Requires Correct Science

In fact, the more we look into all this, the more our own puzzle pieces are starting to fit together in surprising ways that now shed much light on how the new energy technology inventions are going to come about. This is extremely significant because it goes straight to the bullseye of the problem of why almost no one has been able to produce a working nuclear fusion device.

What we’re going to do here today is give a very brief introduction to the alternate (and very “unpopular”) model of the sun as an electrical entity. In the process, we hope you will approach this with the same mindset as we did and examine the facts for yourself.

Purpose of this article: It’s not for lack of excellent material already available on the Internet that we have written all this. Instead, we are documenting our own process as stated many times here in the lead up to a major technology breakthrough. Therefore, we need to show various aspects of that journey and this will be necessary for public knowledge at a later time.

Scientific Method On Paper Only

The reason why mainstream science has gone as it is apparently has a lot to do with a bizarre turn of events where a dual infatuation with quantum physics and relativity derailed not just science but also our energy technology pursuits. As we said last time, sometimes a mess can be untangled by going back to the origins of a current theory. Just as an example, scan over this article and see how modern science has chosen to ignore a few inconvenient facts…

Einstein’s Quest for a Unified Theory (APS News)

This is not intended to be a harsh criticism, but if you look at what comes out of science and Hollywood these days, the case can be easily made that it has all become married together and now it’s really just all degraded into a bunch of… science fiction.

Having said that, and for the sake of setting the proper order for our discussion here, we need to do a very extremely basic thing – go back and again remind ourselves of the definitions of two terms which are being constantly mixed up by almost all mainstream astrophysicists…

  • Beliefs: a conviction or opinion, something in which a person puts their trust, generally in the context of religion and politics (Merriam Webster).
  • Facts: something that actually exists and has been proven by experience or observation, not conjecture or theory (

Therefore, with that introduction (yes it was necessary), let’s now get straight into the primary topic for today – how exactly does the sun workis it a fusion ball or is it something completely different?

Fusion “Like The Sun” (??)

According to the electric/plasma universe people, there is no such thing as creating “fusion like the sun”. Because the simple truth is that the sun does not “do fusion” like everyone claims. Mainstream scientists cannot make fusion work because they are trying to recreate conditions that do not even exist on the sun. Why?

Because the sun does not operate on a gravitational model.

This is not to say that fusion does not take place at the sun, but rather it does not happen inside a core of some type. Any fusion that occurs there is in the outer regions (bright visible area, commonly known as the chromosphere). The sun instead operates like a cosmic neon sign with plasma and electricity.

Mainstream science’s belief in a nuclear fusion ball sun model (Image source: NASA)

What we just said is probably a gross oversimplification but at least it gets you on the right track. And this is all very interesting because now we have to come out and admit that our previously held beliefs stated here in the last year were completely incorrect.

Yes!! Most of what we’ve said here on this website about fusion was simply not true. We’re not saying fusion has never been done or that it can’t be, but just that it’s not at all what everyone keeps saying. Again… that is why almost none of the supposed “new breakthrough“ fusion devices ever actually work!

Simple Electric Sun Starting Points…

Disclaimer: by chance if we’ve mixed up a technical detail here, that’s unintentional but it just proves again we’ve been in a steep learning curve and we’ve got a long way to go in unlearning the wrong theory and replacing it with what we now know to be much more scientifically and logically correct.

Therefore, here are some of the basic starting facts that unfortunately we are not getting from Hollywood. Err… (typo) NASA or just about any university…

Mechanical / gravity based model… This is the mainstream belief about how galaxies are held in place. This notion leans heavily on large celestial bodies crashing into each other in order to produce planets, asteroids, moons, stars, etc. And the problem with this is that it contradicts every well known basic law of science, especially regarding the “4 forces”. (See our last post: Re-investigating Cosmic Theories: Scientific Fact Or Unsubstantiated Myth?)

Dark matter / dark energy… This is a Ptolemaic concoction that was needed to account for why the gravitational model does not work, especially on a galactic scale. Dark matter and dark energy should be replaced with plasma and ether. Plasma is very well understood, ether is in the process becoming increasingly better known. Making this change eliminates any need for the quizzical host of nonsensical quantum particles that are primarily useful in the creation of dramatic plots for the the highest grossing popular movies.

Plasma universe / sun… Plasma exists in 3 modes: dark, glow, arc. The bright part of the sun is the arc mode of plasma. The corona (outer region beyond the chromosphere) is the glow mode. The solar wind is an energized dark mode plasma that appears invisible to the naked eye. Outside of our solar system, massive glowing plasma filaments (currents in space) can be clearly seen in many deep space telescope images.

Formation of stars… Stars do not form by gravitational accretion and compression of hydrogen gas. Stars form instead by electric and magnetic compression of plasma filaments which can contain hydrogen. These filaments are made of twisting (helical) pairs of Birkeland currents (gigantic “funnels” of energized plasma) that extend hundreds of light years in length.

Operation of stars… Stars do not operate by massive amounts of hydrogen compressed gravitationally to cause nuclear fusion reactions. Instead, they operate based on extensive electric currents that flow into and out of the star with the result being light and heat, just like a lightbulb, thereby creating a cosmic circuit.

Types of stars… Stars appear in various forms including those which are dark or dimly lit. The brightness of a star is based on the current flowing into it. Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are very similar in composition to a star (gas giants). “Neutron stars”, as supposedly extremely dense objects and precursors to “black holes”, are a scientific impossibility (again… we dealt with that last time).

Transistor profile of sun… The electrical nature of the sun can be seen by measurements taken that indicate extreme temperature and voltage change at the outer “surface”. These outer regions of the sun (chromosphere and corona) are oddly much hotter than the inner region (“core”). If the sun was a giant ball of fusion, all this would be in reverse – much hotter on the inside with heat dissipating as it radiated toward the outer regions. Factual observed evidence does not support the mainstream fusion ball model. The sun has an electrical nature like that of a transistor or vacuum tube.

The main problem… The reason astrophysicists do not understand the true operation of the sun and the universe as a whole is due to a lack of basic knowledge of electrical engineering. This is why they are constantly dismissing the electrical and magnetic evidence continuously gathered by many recent and ongoing observations.

The Sun – An Electrical Engineer’s Explanation

Having now watched many video presentations by retired professor Dr. Donald Scott, we’ve finally begun to see why the electric sun model is the only one that has any scientific validity. If you approach this with an open mind as we did, we are very confident you will also begin to see that.

But, don’t take our word for any of this, hear it all directly from Dr. Scott…

The Unbiased Outsider Paradox

Again… as we’ve stated here many times before, when you have the correct scientific understanding how the universe works, many things previously thought to be impossible, suddenly become a reality – especially new energy technology inventions.

We admit up front that we did not catch onto all this at first but we had very compelling reasons to continue researching this electric sun and universe model. If this is all very foreign to you as it was for us just a short time ago, we recommend just following along here because, as we said before…

Blue Cube Rocket is the “unlikely outsider” coming into the energy tech world. Our avenue of arrival is by a perhaps bizarre but surprisingly common approach angle. As we’ve already hinted. It’s ok if you don’t believe us for now. In due time, all this will become much more clear. To be continued…


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