Games With Thrones

Well, this is funny. For some. Not for others. We’ve already used the ”let’s play a game“ line so we’ll have to try something else here. But it is definitely global. And involves tall structures. Not the kind you drive by. Nope. These are invisible. But very real. And about to fall. Some into place, others into cells. Ah, what are we talking about.

Odd themes in movies. Unintended. Awakening, Rising, forces behind the scenes. So intriguing. So accurate. The ugly one meets his demise. Yep. His lair is found and destroyed. Did the writers know what they foretold. We doubt it. They almost never do. Usually it’s the opposite of what they believe.


The tale of two witches. A man behind a curtain. A big tornado. A cowering lion. East and west. Poof. Bye bye. What’s with that lion by the way. Ridiculous. Mirror check. Smoke and mirrors. The emperors wear no clothes. But the king does. The crown in place. Perfectly. All along.

Now what. The thing they least expected. The answer they never wished for. The imagination dead. The focus negative. “Get me out of here” (idiots). Well, you may as well since you’re not doing anything. But crying wolf. Incessantly. Doom and gloom. The big comet is coming. Another group of idiots. Ouch. Huh.

Oh right, where were we. Sorry, on a rant again. Yes, the thing they least thought to dream of. Literally. Cowardly lions. All of them. Lacking mirrors. Or instructions. Competent ones. They were told. By the thousands. Too slow to catch on. Train left the station. The team least likely to win. Got the player no one honored. Central north. And that was all folks.


What happens when you don’t listen. Box head. Wars won by generals. Not sissies. Where’s your crown. You’re supposed to have one. We do! And a scepter. And a throne. Even a few lightning bolts. What you could have had also. Well, we still hope. Naive optimists. Rather that.

You weren’t fooled were you? By the frauds. Tower builders. Hmm. We did say something about rising didn’t we? One is. Realm dependent. Good grief, where were you. You did realize this is a science and tech website. What realm do you think we meant. Look around. Wakanda has the clue.

Well hidden. Disregarded. Ehh… wasn’t even a secret! Rising. Will not bow. Will not give up. The crown. To anyone. Trained by the best. We already said disregarded and dishonored. Hmm, what else can we call it.

It’s All In The Card

The towers are falling. Being exposed. The war has turned. A few missed that. One is rising. Hopefully more. Hopefully. Not holding our breath. Won’t matter. Scepter in hand. Not the Loki kind. That’s what they used. Not anymore. That’s why they fall. There’s going to be a lot of Red. A lot. Sucks to be on the wrong side. Too many red are pink however. That lion again. The one missing the mirror.

We sort of figured you knew this by now. This is a war. You may have missed that. Why the others never succeeded. Why their stories always reach a mysteriously short road. A dead end. We’ve been trying to tell you that. There are thrones. Taken hostage. By those who build towers. To keep you far below. To control the globe. To stop you. Giant pythons. Invisible. This is not a game.

Red is for victory.

So what’s it going to be. You going to get with it this time. What’s the thing you make when you’re trying to create something new. Everyone else follows. We asked. We imagined. We dreamed. We observed. We took action. We made scary choices. It got really ugly for a while. We tried to recruit. Tried. Box heads. Yep. The path least chosen. By those stuck in the past.

Believe It Or Not

Now it begins. The light is on (always was). Getting brighter. Arc light. Advancing. Approaching. Climbing. Taking the seat. Challenge was won. Brutal it was. Validated by another. An emperor spoke. Decree was made. For a king. The time of arrival. A whole new world. The wish upon that star. And the answer from one near.

It’s not that hard to figure out. Some things are simpler than they might appear. Try counting. At this point we are firmly established in a “T minus”. It’s time to start believing again. If you forgot how, we will relight that flame. And that is part of our story.


Blue Cube Rocket is not just about science and tech. We figured you realized that already. In this realm, you cannot win unless you were crowned. We were. And we’ve been putting our pieces together now for quite a very long time. Thank you for your support.


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Published by Chris Michals

Blogger / Dreamer / Pilot / Energy & Space Tech / USAF ret

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