Oh Gravity!

It’s a mystery. Mainstream science still can’t tell us what it is. But there’s an alt-theory that is beginning to make a ton of sense (pardon the misuse of a term). What’s the matter with it anyway? The masses can’t reconcile the results. Something amiss. Very. It’s in the equation. How did science become run by mathematicians. Those are two completely separate disciplines. For those who have any.

How did we get here anyway. Gravity. The mysterious 4th force. So they say. What if it’s not. What if they are just all versions of the same. Aligned differently to produce multiple effects. Like a P-38. (We’re talking history now). Multi-role. Air and ground. An SUV of the sky. Like a flying car. Cheaper, wouldn’t it? Of course. You can drive or fly in the same exact vehicle. Perfect!

Ping Pong

Just that no one can apparently solve the “gravity” problem. Oh, but they have. We already discussed that. Remember? So why the pretense. Why the trying so hard to make you disbelieve. Why all the disclaimers just to make sure you don’t believe any… “lies”. The “conspiracies”. Standard ops. Been using that one since ‘47. Yep.

The Tesseract? Spinning Required

We think you’re smarter however. We think you know what we’re onto here. We think you’re visiting us from a bounce. We think you like Oolong. Ok, that’s fair, so do we. But you actually make it. Uh huh. The Jasmine‘s. Many drinkers in high offices. Tall buildings. What’s that word we call it here. Starts with a “T”. Right, anyway. Keep you distracted. Head going back and forth like that.

Gravity… we really have a point. And an aim. What’s that term. Plastic deformation. The point where it fails. Because that’s what happened. Aha. That’s it. And then the mysterious force comes into play. And the game ends. The alignment comes. Many lines in parallel. With connections in between. No more missing links.

Seriously you really should consider the alt-theory. We’ve been promoting it here because we actually got proof on this one. Go back and read a few of our posts. You’ll see what we mean. Here’s a good strategy. How to be popular and profitable. Keep telling the world how uninformed you are. Quizzically so. How do they get away with it anyway. We noticed.

No Dong

They lined up their ducks and got Hunted. Too much jasmine. Too many masks. She Gin. Too many disclaimers. Headline: “US Hasn’t Had Snow Cover Like This Since 2012”. Mama Mia. Even the weather agrees. Why does science marry Hollywood? Because that’s where the money is. And the propaganda. And the, umm, seats.

Suppose it really is about the alignment of atoms. Suppose the 4th is really just a variation of the 1st three. Suppose they know you can’t do fusion like that. But the train is too far down the tracks now (for them).

What’s that word when they test metals. When your stock runs up too fast. What’s that mysterious force that takes over and everything comes right back into alignment. When you realize all along there really were ultimate rules. And you thought you’d get away with it. Nope.

We said it before. And it happened before. Now it repeats. But it’s a funny thing that when knowledge increases, it does so for everyone. So eventually you see the little man just had a bunch of levers.

What’s the word that means when you have ultimate control over everything. Wonder why they used that. Huh. Some things more obvious than they appear. Another theme of ours. Overconfidence makes idiots. Always. Oh! Gravity.

Maybe The Fourth

Well, if you want to know why “anti-gravity” is not a mystery, we recommend you consider the below proposition. It’s that big picturesque box with a play button on it just below. It’s time to realize there are alt-theories that make more sense than the stuff of (which is it… Hollywood or science, we can’t tell).

And our other theme. Get the right theory, get the right results. We’re not going to Mars on that ridiculous big bicycle. We like Elon but it’s time someone told him the truth already. My goodness, just look it up: “ductile”. We can’t hint forever. It’s about to be the word of the decade. To describe the last 100 years.

No really, this is about gravity here. Just that it appears in many forms. It’s… multi-role! And now finally you can see why it’s not so mysterious. Except to “scientists”, arg, um, we meant to say “entrepreneurs”. And script writers. Cuz they make a ton of money on tales.

Blue Cube Rocket is intrigued by a good mystery. And lately there’s more than enough of those to go around. But we also saw behind the curtain. And realized some of them are just a lot of smoke. Unfortunately for them, we have x-ray vision.


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Published by Chris Michals

Blogger / Dreamer / Pilot / Energy & Space Tech / USAF ret

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