Science Sells

Right. You thought it was something else. Might want to run the numbers on that. Not to repeat a mantra here but we think there might be more money in this, uhh… industry. You know, the comet wackos. The climate is coming nonsense. But. We agree with “get off the grid”. Actually that’s part of our mission! But don’t tell them. A guy in England got burned at the stake for that decades ago.

Really! Check it out. We did. Figured out a way to counteract the mysterious forth. But it’s too profitable. For you. Not them. No worries, we said it last time. They ran up the charts and forgot the force. Huh, sucks to be them. Prismatic descension. Yes it’s a word. Just have to do a little reading behind the surface.


Many are addicted. Can’t break it. The pull is too strong. Your mind can see, you know. And if it can see, it can also be blinded. Happens every day. Watch what you watch. It’s not what you think you’re filtering out that’s getting you. Snakes stay low. Quiet. Slithering. Get right in and invite all their friends.

It’s a trillion dollar industry. Big sucking thing in the middle of the galaxy. Riiiiighht. Yep. Duuuude. So amazing. Who came up with this stuff?! And it violates all known, tested, proven, observable laws of science.

But look how many movies it sells. And how many “scientists” turned celebrities. YouTube full of them. All repeating the same nonsense. Round and round and a round. What’s that called… ‘something‘ reporting. Oh whatever, we forgot. It’s what the 3-letter industries do on TV every day. Read a script. Mega industries. Like big pharma. Two headed snake means commerce, not cure. Next time you see a pole, count them by hand. Oh. Right, it spells two ways.


Like an American in Europe. Driving. Can’t figure how to get on and then get off those things. You know, they seriously reduce traffic fatalities. And much more efficient. But bring ‘em here and they cause disasters. Not hard to learn folks!! Get a clue. And get with the times. Cuz there’s no such thing as vacuums in space.

Have you thought about it? We have. What it’s going to be like. When the curtain is yanked. And the “experts” stand with speechless gape. Can no longer hide. Their dominion has fallen. Their hackers got hacked. It’s another one of those… what you call it. Goes in a circle and returns to starting point. Sometimes happens when you throw a thing.

What does a prism do. How can you descend from one. Well, that’s what happens. How can up be down. Confounding. The mind has eyes. And so… There we have it. Science sells. By the trillions. Don’t believe us? Hadron. ITER. Gravity wave measuring thingy. All because it makes a good movie. Their mathematicians made them believe it. What did Einstein have to say about that.

Someone missed a day of class.

Politics is also a math discipline. You can come up with a formula to make anything look good. Even a big dark sucking thing in space. That’s how they fund it. Science. Make good soccer players. They can kick a can down the road better than anyone and never let it stop. Athletic politics. And “scientists“. Seriously we like movies. How to make a “meta“ from a particle accelerator. How to employ a bunch of script writers in Geneva.

Speed Force

Saint-Paul-lès-Durance: home of “the most expensive building ever built and the largest scientific research collaboration in history.” There. Out of their own mouth. Point proved. Well, the first part is true! But that last half is… umm, you get the idea.

Higgs Boson. Right. Another search project thing. You know, what we were trying to say a few weeks ago. It’s how The Flash was created. We like it. Watched most episodes so far. Looking forward to catching up on the rest. We’re going to come up with another fantasy particle while we’re at it.

Next big movie: The Flicker.

We have the real thing here, however. It’s marvelous. But not very “scientific”. Neither is Hollywood. Why does it matter? Who cares anyway? Ask the people who are still paying for that thing in that French province by which name we can’t pronounce. And that other big circular thing in Geneva.

So What

Or those people in villages that you can’t see at night from the ISS. You probably didn’t realize it but there’s a global mission going on right now. And it’s got nothing to do with space. Although expecting to make use of it. In a Starlink sort of way. This (mission) isn’t the kind where you think you’re doing the remote villages so much good but all you’re doing is feeding that which dies. Another thing we already dealt with. Philanthropy myth.

Amazing how most of what we post here is not properly understood. Hey, why give away valuables to those who won’t honor it. Not naive. You want to know what it is, you’ll have to do the work. We did! Remember, we asked the questions that no one else did. And got the answer. It’s on the way!

We sometimes like the following YouTube channel. A little history on the machine that was designed to end the world (and make metas)…

So now, contrast the above with something that can be much more logically said to be objective science…

Blue Cube Rocket official statement on movies: For real, we really do like The Flash. And Endgame. And all the science fiction. But not the science that sells its fiction to make you think they know what they’re talking about. Because when you find out what’s coming in the realm of energy technology, you’re going to see why we’ve been saying that the world has been duped by a bunch of dominating clowns building towers intended to keep you in the dark. Literally.


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