Ciphers Locks Clocks & Scales

Let’s do something unusual here. Not that that is new but… Today we thought it would be useful for long term sake that we change our style briefly for the purpose of providing a key to decoding. Perhaps you noticed but we are deliberately and heavily into metaphors here.

Nothing Of Value Is Left In The Open

With the exception of a few recent posts, almost everything we say so far has been encrypted in some way. This has been deliberate. And that will make sense in due time. But today… a lesson to help those who have been getting lost (you’re welcome).

For a science and tech website, our cover image here is a bit out of place. But it perfectly suits the basis for an excellent illustration tool. So we are going to use it to walk through a process of unraveling the meaning of it. When you see this, you can then go back to many of our previous posts and run the same decryption tool to figure out what we’ve really been saying.

What Is It

To start with… the image is an animal. How many times have you heard a saying where a person is likened to that of the behaviors of an animal. Dogs, pigs, snakes, pit bulls, sharks, etc. Probably you’ve done it yourself, right? Ok, so if you were going to look for the meaning of this image, you might start out by thinking we are trying to send a signal about a person (or more).

Next, what does it look like. This on has stripes. What meaning can you gather from that. How many places can you find stripes used that such a context that it connects with the possible meaning of the animal.

Taking it a step further, suppose the stripes are abstract and have nothing to do with the animal. Suppose it means something else. Where would you find those in a very normal every day setting.

Next the color. Black and white. What can that refer to. A figure of speech? A way of thinking? Look past that now. The stripes are vertical (some horizontal). What else can they look like. Maybe they are purely abstract.

What Is Happening

Maybe it is more about the arrangement than the color. Where do you find vertically arranged objects. Perhaps the black is the main image. Perhaps the white represents “space” (as in “white space”, a writer’s tool).

Perhaps the focus is on that which stands out. If you take a mathematical approach and set the white equal to zero, then you are left with the black. Where do you see objects that look like that. In that arrangement and order and number. Perhaps it is about making distinctions.

Now what action is being taken by the object in the image. This is where you have to step back again. The view of the animal is from the rear. There are some slang expressions about that, aren’t there (noted).

This animal is turning and looking behind. And by turning, it is to the right. It is looking behind perhaps as if “in the rear view mirror” (also a figure of speech). So what is “behind it”? Why did it turn and look. Why is it looking at you. Why to the right. There are figures of speech for all those ideas.

Step Back Again

Now we have the overall setting. It’s a nice sunny day and there is tall grass. What’s that about. It’s a nice positive image. Overall it conveys something good. Even if some of the above may appear different, but the greater message is that despite anything you see in the details, the characterization is overwhelmingly positive.

Why the tall grass. Out in the open. If you were that animal, you’d have plenty of resources needed for daily life right there in easy reach. What does that mean to you. How might that come about if right now you don’t have it.

This is where you have to consider the contrasting possibility. Suppose the image was a storm and a desert with rocky sandy ground. That would be a harsh environment devoid of that which is good for daily life.

What Is Behind It

And now we have to do one last thing. Suppose you get the face value idea. Is that all? Is there a meaning beneath all that? Some hidden concept that requires you to put in the extra effort.

Perhaps it does not make sense yet. Perhaps it speaks of the future at a time when the meaning will suddenly jump at you. A time lock. You can’t know it until later.

And now consider… What is the value of a picture. Depends who captured it. Photographer, painter, visionary… And what it conveys. And how much gets missed. Was it deliberate. Or just the value of the face. Like Giocondo.

Is there a story behind it. (Past or future). Is it a timeless object lesson or an instruction for you right now. Is it a headline encrypted for few to recognize. The few who choose to do the work.

Do First, Then Teach

Why do we communicate like this here? Because we first had to learn this ourselves. Because everything that came to us was presented in this exact manner. We were thrown a puzzle and had to decipher it.

Our entire life depended on it. It was not a game. It turned into a war. A very lengthy one. It required that which we previously knew little about.

So we had to stop everything and turn aside. We could have kept walking and missed it. We could have accepted status quo. But our circumstances forced us otherwise. We’ve been explaining all that here, one mystery at a time. Using a style that hides the reality.

The Unlikely Scenario

We are not doctors but we believe in strange. We had no choice. We asked questions that most others refused to consider. Some tried to shut us down. To kill the person but leave them alive. And we’ve spoken of such many times here. Just well hidden.

But the culmination of our story is near. If much of this still makes no sense, it is perhaps a time lock for the reader. Soon it will. We can’t say exactly when but it is much sooner now than when all this began. It might have something to do with the image above. The one that leads to the other.

We hope this post has been helpful. Perhaps this now is as well (details matter)…

Dark Scrolls: Mysteries Hidden With Intent

Blue Cube Rocket now has a store open with an initial line of products. More will come in due time. You might be wondering what it means. Take the above. Look at our design. Apply the same process. We can basically guarantee no one will figure it all out. But if you can, we might send you something free. Thank you for shopping with us – all proceeds go directly toward the work encompassed within the content of our site here.


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