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Suppose for a moment that they are all right. They were onto something. It wasn’t just a clever script. Not just entertainment. Suppose there really is something there. That can be found. That has been hidden. That few find. But when they do…

How would you find it. How would you recognize it. How would you differentiate the real from the fake. How would you know truth from a lie. When would you realize it was bigger than you knew. That it was a game. But not. You were on the board. That others moved. Much bigger than you. They dropped hints for you.

Narrow Expanse

Games have opponents. Suppose the players are not equal. Suppose they are truly opponents. And it’s not a board. Not a game. More like a war. The players know you better than you do. They’ve been watching. A very long time. Make the right moves, get their attention. For good or evil. A cosmic strategy. We’ve dealt with this before.

Again… what would you be looking for. And when you found something, would you stop short. Would your preconceived ideas stop you. Judgments made but not thought through. It’s good to question. Yourself. Your motives. Your agendas. We’re not assuming here. No. You have them. Worse than you know. We’ve been there…

We’re not talking about big head bug eye imposters. We already covered that, remember? But if you can’t figure out the difference. Perhaps another line from a long, long time ago will jar your logic.

“If you choose the quick and easy path… you will become an agent of evil”.

Oh. But how many do! Many. You’d think the movies would be enough. Truth hidden in plain sight. Nope.

Interstellar Fashion: It’s A Revolution!

White Sand

So where do you find the real thing. We wonder if you did, would you even recognize it. Many don’t! Almost makes you wonder. Who and what we’re talking about. Aiming at both sides of the fence. An interesting strategy. But unfortunately the reality. There is another truth. Not exactly even hidden. But you must see it from the correct eyes.

You know those charts. With dots. Many fail it. DNA error. Programmed in from centuries ago. More like millennia. We have this odd tendency here. Drop hints in the middle of an out of context remark. Everyone misses. We like it. Time lock revelation. Then one day… BAM! What were we saying now…

All this is deliberate. The path. The way. The process. (You thought we were going to talk islands again…) The training pays off. Brutal. Lengthy. Rules. Self-death. Fences. Submitting to higher authorities (the cowboy dilemma).

Order. Structure. Laws that sift out. Self-eliminate. That chart did it for most. Now they fade. When you’re already outdated and you don’t even know it. (Ouch).

Exclusivity Strikes

Would you even believe it if someone already found it for you. Do you even believe what you say you do. Most don’t. Hippos… We’ve seen this. Many times. They all talk. And then the day comes. The real thing is presented. And they refuse it. Towers with bells. Cloth clowns. Making clones. With entropy.

The blindness of status. The shortness of it. Kings fall. Others rise. The sand at the bottom (they forgot that part). Oh Gravity! Better than the last group. The ancient promise. A thousand more. A lot of talk however.

They claim it but do not have it. And never will. What’s the saying… can’t get out of their own way. Can’t recognize when their time is up. Power grab. The dark side got them. Unknowingly. Scary. You’re next.

Why do they do that. They talk big. But practice tiny. Enough hot air we wish they’d just… balloons. Cliques and charts and circles without shape. The cowboy paradox. It’s only partly good. The strength makes the worst weakness. Rely too much on it. Become blind.

Will You?

Would you really recognize it. The ancient way. The real thing. Today. Right now. We bet you would not believe it if we proved it to you. You’d have your excuses. You’d reveal ‘your truth’. If you believed it, you’d have it by now. Most don’t. So…

We ask again… when are you going to see. It was right in front of you. All along in plain sight. The answer. Hidden, just waiting to be found. Waiting for the right persons to open their eyes. Take off the blinders. And prejudices. Get low enough to admit it. Self back in proper place.

Mystery. Science. Supernatural. Wonder. Wishes that come true. In our time. Now. This isn’t Polar Express but you must at this time. Believe.

A Wish Upon The Stars

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