Truth Is Strange, But Fiction Was Never Fiction Either

Today we are writing an email to a friend in the form of a short article. Actually, this is the sort of thing I do often enough that I just need to post it here one time and then send everyone to read my answer. Blogs are good at that. Answer the same question one time in open forum.

So today I’m answering the normal kind of question you get when you either meet someone for the first time or you get reacquainted with a friend from the past. The kind of thing where they want to know about what you do for a living.

For most people that is very straightforward, but not for me. My line of work is something that takes a pretty significant effort to explain. It’s rather uncommon. But the kind that, if you’re open minded, you’re going to have a life changing experience by the time I finish explaining it. So let’s see if you follow along this rather brief introduction…

My Little Project

The email (or in-person) conversation I often have goes something like this…

Friend: “What are you doing these days?”

Me: “Well, I have this little research project.“

Friend: “What’s that?”

Me: “It’s a little unusual.”

Friend: (silence)

Me: “Something I started a few years ago when I left my previous career.”

Friend: (more silence)

Me: ”Well, it’s actually all in writing. I’ve been documenting everything very much openly. If you have a ton of time and an open mind, you can read about it. It’s not a secret, it’s all published in a blog. Many people all over the world already know about it (hummm … except you).”

Solving A Global Puzzle

So that’s how my conversation often starts (or variations of that). And then depending on whether they pass the “if-then” test, I go onto tell them more. If they give me the open minded impression, then I give them what’s below. If they fail the test, then I shut the entire topic down and have to wait for a later time and hopefully try it again.

So here’s for those who unknowingly pass my test…

”So I’ve been doing a little personal project but also documenting everything because something big is on the way and I felt the need to have it all in writing in advance so everyone will know how this thing came into being.“

“It’s a little complicated to explain everything. My project began a few years ago when I started putting pieces together on something, sort of like solving a puzzle. A Sherlock Holmes detective thing, but not a crime mystery. I’m not trying to figure if Professor Plumb killed Miss Scarlet with the lead pipe. This is completely different…”

We’re talking about investigating clues to find the answer to a global puzzle. The kind that requires a technology solution. So we’re talking about solving a problem using a very bizarre form of clues. But the kind that are more common than you would believe.

In fact, you’ve been getting them yourself but probably you’ve ignored them. So in order to help out those who are unfamiliar with my topic here, my online documentation has enough substance and time now that it proves itself as is. So here’s what I’m trying to say…

Perhaps You Ignored It But They Didn’t

If you do some internet searching, you will find out what I’m going to say is all true… Einstein, Larry Page (Google), Kekule (benzene atom), and others who had medical discoveries, etc. All these people made huge discoveries because they first saw them in a strange dream at night. When they woke up, they wrote it down and they began to study what they saw and figure it out and they eventually solved the puzzle and they created the thing that we now have in real life.

These things are all written and documented including like I say Larry Page who spoke about this in a video where he told how he invented Google to a large audience – he first saw it in a dream and he didn’t ignore it but he took it seriously and now he has this huge massive business. See full story of the dream and how Google was started here:

New Energy Technology Coming

So this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been seeing myself for several years now. And my dreams at night all point to various types of new energy technology which as we can see does not exist currently in the public realm. But it’s coming very soon and I’m going to be involved with this. I’ve been studying this for several years now.

But to further prove what I’m saying, I’ve also had people I’ve never met email me their own dreams that confirm what I just said here including a guy from South Africa and some others here in the US. They each saw exactly what I have specifically regarding space-related energy technology and showing connections with me.

So that also validates what I’m saying is a fact and it’s reality, not something I’m just making up, even though at first it may sound bizarre. The other interesting thing here is that, the more I start talking to people about this kind of thing, the more they start having the same thing happen themselves – they get dreams at night that have answers in puzzle form about their own life.

The Truth Was There All Along

One thing different with me as opposed to the people I mentioned above with the discoveries is that I recognized this was God giving me these dreams in strange symbols that had to be studied and figured out, just like the parables in the Bible. Just like Daniel and Joseph received the ability to interpret dreams, I have learned the same thing from reliable well-known Biblical teachers.

This is not New Age or some eastern religion. This is true Biblical Christianity in its fullest form (not like most churches, which are basically dead and full of dogmas, rules and rituals with zero results). I got fed up with most churches long ago and knew there was something they were all missing and I kept going after it until I found it – but I found it all based in the Bible, not some other counterfeit source.

Many years in the past, I always wanted to know how it was possible that those two guys (Joseph and Daniel) interpreted dreams in the Bible. But finally I began studying this 10 years ago and now I’ve become good enough at it that I’ve had lots of people emailing me from all over the world asking me to tell them what their dreams mean. When I do that, I show them in the Bible how to connect the dream with a real message from God.

Some of them even find out that God was trying to show them something about their future that they didn’t know they could be doing. Just like it’s been happening with me, so it does as well now with them. And then I help them figure it out since I’ve got experience doing this now several years for many others. (You can find more at this website:

I even have people in my own family believe what I’m saying which of course is the hardest thing because usually family tends to be more closed minded here.

Truth, Not Fiction!!

So like I say, probably sounds very bizarre at first and especially people that knew me from the past would not expect me to say something like this but… like they say, truth is stranger than fiction. My suggestion… do what I did about 8 years ago and approach what I just said with an open mind.

My life changed because I decided long ago I didn’t know everything and I wasn’t going to settle for dumbed down answers especially from the majority of churches I’ve been to. If you’re still skeptical of what I’m saying, that’s ok, just wait. Soon enough you’ll see what I’ve been saying here is 100% true. Thank you for reading!

Dark Scrolls: Mysteries Hidden With Intent

Blue Cube Rocket is here to show and prove that truth was there all along and most of the time it’s been hidden in plain sight, even in the places least likely to be recognized. Keep following us and you’ll see where this is going. And check out our new store page!!


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