The Obvious Next Tech Breakthrough…

If you follow either the technology or aviation news, you have definitely been seeing an increasing number of headlines about flying cars. It’s not really a new idea. You can see photos and sketches of various designs going back many years now. BUT… all of them still have the same basic design.

Basically, everything we see now in the news just amounts to a car that has the same structural design characteristics as an airplane (and basically the same power plant as well). Add to that the effort by some companies attempting to create electric versions of the same. So far, none of what we are saying is new, right?

And that right there is where we diverge drastically from almost everyone else.

Out With The Old

Perhaps you know by now, or should, that we are not in the business of old outdated technology. No. This entire website was created because we are on the path of a new energy technology breakthrough that will change the entire world. We are not claiming to be the originators of that new tech necessarily because most of it has already been discovered many decades ago. Rather, we will be using this new technology in many ways to create radically new products, or total redesigns of currently existing ones.

This is exactly what we’ve been saying here all along…

If you are perceptive enough, you already know that we are basically stuck in a cycle that needs a break out. Many like Elon Musk think we are going to go to Mars using ancient outdated slow moving liquid combustion fueled rockets. He and many others also think that massive battery cells are the solution to personal transportation. Just for clarity, we think the Tesla cars are very innovative and a much needed change to the automotive industry. And we don’t have a problem with Musk or any others like him but…

Stuck In Time

At least as it relates to space travel, it should be abundantly obvious that all the publicity and hype with the “new space efforts” is completely absurd. To push the same old technology and try to make it do something it is not capable of shows a confounding lack of logic. Seriously stop and think about it, we’ve been doing the same exact thing since the 1960s and the only thing that has changed is our computer processors and related to that, some new materials science.

We’ve said it before but let’s go a step further here and suggest that there must be some masquerade going on behind the scenes, as if an obvious public campaign of distraction intended to keep everyone’s focus on this kind of silliness, all the while something completely different is going on behind the scenes hidden away. It’s like our movies have advanced into the future but our present day reality is firmly cemented in the ancient past.

But we digress, back to our intended topic of the day…

The below is an example of exactly what we are talking about here… Great video, great design, definitely an innovative approach but still, as we said here on our telegram postthis is not the way of the future. Why? Because the new upcoming energy technology will make void the need for anything that looks like an airplane! No propellors, no fans, no wings, no traditional aerodynamics, etc.

The Answer Is Back In 1985

One of the best Hollywood illustrations of what we are talking about is in the movie Back to the Future. We are talking about high energy output devices, antigravity, advanced electrogravitic-type propulsion systems. Most of the world does not realize that all this technology exists already and has been hidden for decades. We had to go on our own process of discovery where we realized that amazingly is a proven truth. And we DO have our own personal direct evidence that it is!

So here’s the point of this article today… The next most obvious technological breakthrough is going to include real actual no kidding flying cars. Not the kind you see in the video above but rather in the one below. These will not run on combustible liquid fuels or solar panels or battery packs or any of that stuff which is now completely outdated and incapable of producing a realistic and practical flying car. No!

What’s coming instead, is none other than the exact type of vehicle that Doc Brown flew around in. THAT is the technological barrier none of these other designs have broken through. That now gets to THE main center of the scientific / technology barrier that supposedly no one has breached. And THAT is exactly what’s coming next.

Remember what we’ve already been posting here…

It’s Electric!

The reason we have not already seen anything like this in our mainstream reality is because the problem is that our mainstream science is total fiction. The reason we are still seeing outdated technology in the public realm is because of false scientific theories. The theories we are taught in universities and by many popular people on YouTube carries with it gross and severe limitations.

  • We don’t have anti-gravity devices because no one (apparently) understands what gravity is and most are still attempting to counteract it rather than work with the same basic fundamentals by which it operates.
  • We still think the universe is based on gravity rather than electromagnetic forces (which are proven to be much stronger).
  • We still think the sun is a giant gravity-based fusion ball which eventually will burn out when it consumes all its internal fuel.
  • We are still being taught a physics theory that has more gaps and holes in it and is continuously being contradicted by observable evidence.
  • The solution to all this is to properly understand that the universe is based on electromagnetics, not gravity (according to its traditional understanding).

When you properly understand all that, then you can create electromagnetic propulsion systems that can lift a vehicle into the air effortlessly and propel it at speeds beyond what any liquid combustion engine could ever do in a small personal vehicle. This is the main problem and reason why we have not yet seen (in the public view) a flying vehicle exactly of the likes of a Doc Brown invention!

And THIS is exactly what is coming up next on our very near horizon.

New Connections Invitation!

Due to the expansive nature of our field, we don’t necessarily post everything that’s going on here in blogs on this website. At the present time, the amount of information being (rapidly) publicly revealed on the topic of advanced energy technology and propulsion systems is rather astounding. It isn’t necessary or practical to republish all of that here on this site.

Therefore, we are inviting you to follow us on our various new social media accounts.

Blue Cube Rocket is in the energy, space, technology and sometimes aviation sector. We will be very big in the coming breakthrough especially as it relates to our topic today. Join us on social media and catch the developing story in the works here! And… If you haven’t yet, check out our store page where we are slowly adding a few handmade digital sketch designs on various product listings.


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