So You’ve Been Wondering…

Just to clear things up. Yes. We’re one of those. One of what?! The kind that uses their brain. That does not accept the shallow, surface-only belief in what they want you to think. You know what we mean. False medicine. False science. False news. False beliefs. Lies that tower builders want you to believe. “Conspiracies” (a word invented by those who don’t like that you figured it out).

Oh! Saga

Are you wondering why this has taken so long? Many have. Not us. We’re on the inside. We have a big picture. And we take it out and look at it often. We also have the starting background to know a little of what goes on in the world. But we also had to do significant research. And confront what we thought we believed. Stories that didn’t match. Photo evidence that could not be explained away.

Testimonies that could not all be lies. Truth is stranger than fiction. Remember? That saying that people like to use but few actually believe it. We like honesty. It starts in your own brain. It starts in confronting your own self. When you stop telling lies. That conveniently make excuses for yourself. When we see you can do that, then we put you on the “credible list“. Then we want to talk with you.

Then we know you are real. Most are not. We know because we also had to go through the same process. Self-confrontation (it was ugly). But we survived that (and we continue to practice it, btw). If you’re not going to “do business”, we already saw that a long way off. Not too much fools us anymore. And many who claim “truth” don’t even have it. Oh ouch. We have our familiar list of whipping boys.

You Can’t Be Serious

So what’s really going on. Those tall spinning things that kill birds (apparently). Those eye sores that make a good carrot for everyone to believe in. All the while continuing to propagate the lie. That you’re still believing (we hope not). It’s more of the same facade, just looks different. Why do you think we write in this style? Go back and check out our prose.

This was going to initially be a very different type of website. Definitely not a blog. We already have one of those. It does quite well. But this is a very different sort of animal. It’s from earth, but origins are elsewhere. Long ago. Uh huh… don’t make assumptions about that. We’re not one of those (sorry… already clarified). Anyway… what were we saying…

So… take a look around. Have any idea what’s really going on?! We do. You sure this is a good time to bring out the hidden, already been done, new tech?! If so, you’re missing a few screws. You’re still watching the 6 PM “news” and you believe it. Sorry but we can’t stop laughing if you’re one of those. Proudly displaying to the world your mind control bandage. You moron. Why the world is a disaster began with you (we were once in that category).

Do Yourself A Favor (We’re Trying To Help)

How do you overthrow a wicked system when you’re playing along with their games, thinking they are real. Clearly you haven’t thought this through. Or thought at all. We have this thing here… we don’t get along with pacifists. We like waves. The bigger the better. You don’t fix all that is wrong by being nice. Compromising with the weak minded. Out with the old, in with the new (that’s going to be quite a sight).

Too many get all caught up with tactics. And miss the strategy. What’s really going on. But the tacticians are the most popular! Goes back to liars again… We’ve covered this so many times here. A few paragraphs above also. It’s ok, just go back to your “news”. Keep telling us about the latest “events”. Keep the brain at the lowest functioning level. Why change now… Why bother to confront yourself.

What are nano wires anyway. How does 5G activate it. Who really controls Big Tech. And presidents. And oil (outdated technology). When you force everyone to use lines to power their house, you can control them. And let hurricanes turn off your lights (ridiculous). Just like seedless fruits. And false syllabus. When you proudly say the “FDA approves”, we know you’re the idiot in the room. That just exposed yourself.

We Don’t Like To Be So Obvious (Too Easy)

Who really controls everything? False wars that make them trillionaires. By false currencies printed by false banks. That own countries (and their leaders). And the “news”. They uhhh… dominion everything. Simple.

Do you get it now. Who we really are here. What we really stand for. What we are going to be doing. As soon as the chess pieces line up. And the tacticians get a clue (not holding our breaths… been doing it for a whole year… they’re still repeating the same nonsense, only because everyone still believes them). Wouldn’t you like to know who we mean by that.

Ok, that’s enough for today. We’ve given you enough new clues. And plain English answers. We like to not be so straightforward. We don’t like making it so easy. Not here anyway. Hey look, we’re the ones stuck in the middle of this saga. We’re the only ones who have a guarantee about the future. If you’re not going to listen to us… we could care less. It will all be proven soon enough. One way or the other (slap).

This Is The Way | Ancient Cosmic

Suppose for a moment that they are all right. They were onto something. It wasn’t just a clever script. Not just entertainment. Suppose there really is something there. That can be found. That has been hidden. That few find. But when they do… 

Blue Cube Rocket exists to (apparently) document a saga that should have happened by now. Except for too many idiots that can’t be bothered to wake up and stop aiming so low. And people pleasing. Because the truth inconveniently exposes them. Yes, we are very annoyed with them. Thank you for reading. Between the lines. See you again…


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