Untangling the Wires: Risk the Weight

Shall we play a game… It’s one of strategy. There’s a little risk involved. Maybe some double thinking. Maybe there’s an adversary. On the other end of the table. Or maybe it’s just another player. Someone like you.

Let’s suppose it’s not just a game. Let’s suppose this is your life. The board is reality. The players are not those you know, or have ever met. Maybe they are not even people at all. Not a teammate of yours. Maybe circumstantial.

Maybe you don’t have all the cards you need. Maybe you don’t know the weight of the outcome (not just for you). Maybe the other players are an adversary of sorts. Maybe they have a few tricks and you’re not aware of their plans. Maybe they know the game better than you.

Were You Even Aware

What if the game is being played for a global outcome. What if it’s not just about you.

What is the prize of winning? Or the cost of losing? Suppose it’s both. You win, the world wins. But what if you lose. Or never even play at all.

Let’s consider it all from a different angle. Back up to the starting point (we jumped way ahead deliberately). Suppose you’re already in the game, but you didn’t know it. Do you even know the rules? Where would you find them anyway? Just make them up in your head?

Let’s try a different angle. Suppose you chose to play.

Why are you playing? Did someone choose you? Did you just decide one day to sit down and pick up the cards? Or did the game decide you would play. You just didn’t have any choice. You’re a cat.

Something caught your attention. Circumstances were strategized – you ended up at the table. It was a little strange – an unusual sight, you just couldn’t ignore it. And now you’ve got these cards in your hand.

Determined By… ?

Were you chosen. Or did you cause yourself to be. You could have passed by. Others did! But not you. The game chose you – but you also chose it. You just had to stop and look.

Is this making your head hurt? Are we tangling the wires or untangling them. Where do you start with a ball of yarn? If you look long enough, you’ll start to see. Time plus pondering plus reappraisal. Where is this going. Why are you reading this.

Aren’t we here to solve a problem? First define it. The strategy. The purpose of the game. What is your adversary trying to do – or stop. Maybe you missed that part. He made you think it’s just a game. There’s no stakes here at all. No one wins because everyone is on the same team. Then why is he not showing you his cards.

What are you missing? What were you led to believe? That there’s no risk? No point. No outcome. No ramifications. No road – just a wide open expanse (if everyone did that, you’d all crash). No adversary (then why all the tombstones).

What if you don’t win the game. What if you don’t play. Keep walking. Let someone else do it. Fun versus global stakes. Inconvenience yourself. What if no one plays. What happens if you win. What do you gain.

Is it just for you or is this global.

Keep Walking

Perhaps the other player scoffed. Made you think it’s a “so what”. Led you to believe it’s no big deal, just take the easy way out. It’s just not important. And you’re not either. You don’t have anything to offer. There are no global stakes.

If there were, you’re not the one anyway. You’re not chosen for that. Nope. You need qualifications. You need to look different. You need skills. Papers with signatures and seals. You’re just the wrong type.

You agreed with that? What is the strategy? What outcome are you missing. What happens if you win. What happens if you think small.

The Real Question

How do you know it’s not bigger than you’ve been led to believe. The prize of you winning. Playing the game. Finding what’s been hidden. What’s been waiting for someone to make themselves chosen.

To stop. To look. To question. To reappraise. The game. Themselves. The outcome. The prize. Not just for them. What if it’s not just about you. What if it’s global. Your part.

Are you chosen or do you make yourself chosen.

Your answer determines your value. And your character.

So then… shall we play?

Blue Cube Rocket is here to tell a story and lay out a map. Whether you choose to follow along is up to you. We hope you do. And while you’re at it…step on the scale again.

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