Inspiration In The Night: Collecting Gems

Suppose you wanted inspiration. Not limited to any particular topic. Maybe a life pursuit or maybe something less colossal. Maybe you just need a new focus, a new productive task to begin. Maybe a creative diversion. Something that might end a lot bigger than it started (who knows?)

Or maybe you’re a scientist looking for answers to cosmic mysteries. Maybe a business person who doesn’t yet have a business. An inventor without an invention. A “normal” life that’s just a little too small. A missing dimension.


So… where are you going to look? A library? A bookstore? Movies? Art. Random internet searches? Roll the dice, see if it works. That’s how some do it. Keep trying things until they get one that works. Standard “ops” for a treasure seeker. Fail until win. Sure is better than never trying!

But perhaps that’s a little too random. How long will that search take? Decades? How many fails? Are there faster ways? What if you could get started much more expediently. Not try all those roads that led to a result you didn’t like. Or didn’t work.

Maybe you could have known before you started.

Where do inspirations come from? Where would you look to find what you didn’t have? What if you found it but didn’t recognize it? Would you recognize a jewel if it was right in front of you?


What things do you dismiss? What don’t you know? What are you too sure about?
What sources have others used? How many common themes exist among the greats? Is there a common thread? Are you “too smart” or “too dignified” for that? What are you unwilling to consider? What perspectives are you eliminating and are you so sure?

A Rock not yet overturned.

Do you ask the right questions or do you answer them too quickly? What if you are wrong ~ what if they were right? Can you admit it? Can you change your mind?

Can you persevere when others disagree? Do you require consensus or will you stand alone. What are your convictions and what are they based on – have you tested them – does the foundation hold? What results do you have? Is what you’re standing on a rock or stacked timber?

What results do you expect. Is that all. Are you sure.

Do you limit yourself and then demand others do the same. Watch for the murderer of the spirit. Insidious. Overwhelming with data. Traditions with specious roots. Unreality… made to look substantive. An agenda of famine. Be careful what you agree with. Read the fine print (they usually don’t put that in writing in this realm).

Red Shift

But many desire life. They investigate and examine. The foundations. The results. Unwilling to settle. Unwilling to crawl into the box and seal the lid. They aspire for more, for greatness. Not for self-promotion, but for results that surpass themselves. Not even according to their own plans.

A greater purpose they seek. With results that can be measured and observed. Not philosophising and smoke and circular talk. Results. Where do you get that? Where do you look? What have others missed? Those with accomplishments.

When will you realize that what all these great people did was meant as a stepping stone for you, not a ceiling. Do what they did!

You can do this… Challenge. Confront. Investigate. Refuse to settle. Therein lies the key to your breakthrough.

Look Up & Behind

What have others done? Where have they looked? Has your magnifying glass passed over them too quickly. What were they receiving. And how. Why should you be different.

Is it possible to cut to the chase and know before you start? How? How can you know what you do not know? Could be the answer is much simpler than it seems. Too simple perhaps. The kind of wisdom that others scoff at. Maybe they are just… too smart.

What if the answer is behind you? Long before you were born. Just waiting for you to return to it and rediscover. Erase presumptions and relook with new eyes. Sort of like this…


Now read this entire blog again because the answer to these questions was all here – you probably just missed it. And that is exactly the point.

To be continued…

Blue Cube Rocket is a new startup website which, among other things, is exploring the pathways and methods to great achievements. And yes, some of that will be in the realm that exists beyond the Earth.

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