The Exchange

One’s help is another’s hindrance. The butterfly. Empathy often misguided. Wrong thought process. Wrong values. Wrong view of the principles of success. Too low. Too… human. Common sense, they say. Logic. Input equals output (so they think). No such thing as “over unity”. So they say.

A stone for a stone. How do you get what cannot be obtained. Do you dig for it. Or climb. Is it high or is it low. By what system can you buy it. What is its price. Who set its value. Does it have a chart. Is the price fixed.

How do you know if it’s up for sale. How many exist. What form is the currency. Is there an exchange trade. On what platform is it bought and sold. Is a sacrifice required. If so, whatever does it take? The exchange.


When you climb, what do you really obtain. When you dig, what do you really find. Is there an altar by which you offer. Do you give what it doesn’t want. Or is your system a facade. What do you value. From what will you part. Do the diggers and climbers know what they are really giving. Is it below the surface (not of dirt). Dust. What price did they pay.

Does your currency have value. What if it does not. What is your price. What will you pay. What will you do. What do your actions show. Hmm, that saying… mouth and feet agreement. Or maybe a duel system.

Maybe a fight. Some form of struggle. Against who (or what). What do you fear. Do you retreat. What is your limit. What do you value. What does it weigh. Does your road have signs. In what language. Who will translate. Will you arrive. How will you know.

Suppose you arrive (at what). It’s what you were expecting (maybe). What were you looking for. What did you value. How long will it last. Is it what you wanted (really?) What will you exchange for the thing without price. What then will you give. Do you give without return. What does your system call value. What does it guarantee you. Does it?

Return On…(What)

Then why did you bow to it. To give it what it will never give you back. A stone for a stone. What it never promised. Did you sign on the line without reading the print. Did you investigate. Did you compare. Buyer’s due diligence. Consumer reports. Check The reviews! Where did their path lead. One star or five. Green or red. Start with a bang but lead to a bill.

Who informs you. What path are they on. What are their laws. Have they been proven. Do they guarantee or just repeat a line. What is your currency. Does it weigh. Or fly away.

Can you give it up. Why or why not. What is attached to it. Why can’t you sacrifice it. Why shrink back. What system are you in. Do you pay with that which you cannot keep.

Is there another system. One with guarantees. Where the soul does not become a stone. Under a stone. Where the system does not produce death. But perhaps requires it. What then. What do you fear. On what altar do you bow. Did you even know you did.


What did you give up. In exchange for what. Was there a reward. Why not. Why did you choose that path. With no guarantees. With no results. What led you there. Are you telling the truth. To yourself (did they also?)

Does your currency have value. Why do we have to ask this again. Where can you give but receive much more. Unlimited. The realm where sacrifice rewards. Return on investment beyond the charts. Too good to be true (are you sure). Why not.

Limited thinking. Human. Change the realm, change the results. Change the theory.

Over unity exists.

Change the currency, change the results. Can’t find this on charts. Not temporal. Not this realm. Not convenient. Not with stones. Heavier than gold. Lasts longer. Real value. The human ends. Always. This does not.

Two Realms

It is not money. Never will be. Fly away. What you can’t give up says all. Is your money your life. Is that what you fear. Is that what runs your life. Is that why you can’t exchange it. That is your stone (it was a soul). You paid for it. You signed on the line. You made it your altar. It returned you… just another stone. At the end of a short road.

What you seek lies in front of you. As does what you fear. An everlasting exchange.

Stone keeper

What will you give in exchange for your soul. (Or is it now just a stone). What price will you pay. What reward will you get. What guarantee were you given. When you signed on that line.

Who gives rewards. Who has them to give. Who guarantees results. When you’re in their system. Where can such a thing be found! Beyond the temporal.

We’ve asked this before (more than once).

Blue Cube Rocket has asked the hard questions. And has given up that which most value. That which most fear. That which reveals the truth. That which has made stones from souls. We were confronted but made a different choice. It felt like death but leads to life. The leap of faith. To be continued…

Photo by Marc Thunis on Unsplash

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