In Search Of Mirrors

Did you read our last piece? A little dark perhaps. Intentionally. So many questions!! AHHHHRRGG!! Well… like we say here, we ask them endlessly because most others do not. So let’s be more simple here this time. By the way, did you realize, this IS a science and tech website. If all this seems out of place, don’t worry, we’re getting to that.

This is partly a story that leads to a destination. As we said in the beginning. What good does it do to get the end but not show the process? Who does that help? Few. We have a different philosophy here. A different world view. Not upside down like many. Speaking of...

Convenient But Not

Questions are necessary. Most would rather go through life never asking the right ones. Always the wrong ones. Always accepting the convenient lies. In the end they lead to death. And disappointment. Always. Very, very inconvenient to ask the right questions.

To actually be honest. To challenge status quo. To find out how many strings are attached to you. People and stuff. What really rules you. That thing that makes you mad. Usually that’s it.

Seriously, face it. People are liars because they first lied to themselves. Then to others. Can’t handle the truth. You know, that movie line that’s been quoted but rarely practiced. What’s our thing here? You know, we’re on the money topic (what did you think we were talking about?) We think it’s great. We don’t detach from reality (Wong). But we are Strange. Intentionally so.

The problem is that of pursuit. The upside down pyramid. By all observation, it’s the unquestioned norm. On all continents. Those who have, more so than those who have not. Lose their life for a piece of metal. You know… the stone? And became one in the process. Slave to it. The “ultimate prize” just came with endless bills. And no reward. Mirror check.

Pursuit With Dual Rewards

Arbeit macht frei. Not a slogan invented by a German dictator. No. It’s what your world view created. Everyone. Get real. Stop lying to yourself. Your bills dictate your life. Unto death will you part. And you will. Only then. Because your pyramid is upside down. We already said here – we chose a different path. We answered our own questions. First.

We know what it looks like. And what it feels like. It was not fun. To reach that point where everything ends. And then what. You find out what you really believe. What you really value. What you cannot detach from. How true your convictions really were.

The place where mysticism has many theories but no guarantees. If you read their words, they tell you that. But the fine print is too inconvenient. Liars always tell the truth (between their lines). Just that no one wants to acknowledge that part. Not what they told you (what they didn’t). Boring their dogmas. And rituals.

Full disclosure. We’re going to have money. More than we can count. Because we first found the way to get it. By not valuing it (duh). How do you get the two realms? The best of both worlds? How do you find the one pursuit that gives everything. Now and later. What lasts without end. Man was made for more.

It starts by giving up that which you fear. Basically, your life. That thing no one wants to seriously confront. Death. Death to everything. Life requires death. Nature proves. Try it, this is not theory. Truth. We were made for more.

The Exchange

Burn The Ships

Many wonderful slogans. But. You can always tell what a person really believes. Steps follow mouth. Most do not. Even those who claim to believe (in what). Always find the point where you can’t go past. Right there. At that point is what you really believe.

You’ll never know until you are faced with it. Where it’s no longer a theory, but reality. Well… we found out. Didn’t think we could do it. Never. But we did. Death to what you think you must have. Your upside down pyramid. Suddenly big side on bottom. Then you see why everyone is standing on a pointy end. You were made for more.

So how do you pursue one thing but get everything. How do you get what has real value. Has nothing to do with gold or banks or any of that. But it gives you that plus more. Again, this is not detachment from reality. No. This is Strange but not Wong. And definitely not wrong. But bizarre.

Do we want you to agree? Doesn’t matter. Your choice. We hope. Our world spins on even if it does not. We like realms. Not just this world. Not just temporal. Not myopic. Not upside down. Except to everyone else.

Blue Cube Rocket is on the path to the breakthrough. We’ve made the more important ones first. The ones that don’t show up on the charts. But then, later they do. Both realms. Best to find out now rather than later. What the fine print really said. To be continued…

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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