Reactivation, Recalibration & Resurrections

Have you ever tried something new. Was it a big project like a business or just a personal hobby. How did it go. If a business, were there any unforeseen speed bumps. What happened then. Did it all come to a crashing halt. Was there anything about it that involved timing. And… that you got ahead of it all.


If you identify with any of the above, then we are here to admit the same is true for us. This website was started 4 years ago. We thought the long awaited breakthroughs would have happened by now. We thought our timeline was moving much faster. So… we started out with zeal and gusto and enthusiasm and (no pun) energy. All to see a mirage in the middle of a desert.

We know what is coming. Already saw it in advance. Many times (for real, we actually SAW it). What we never saw, however, were specific timelines. And the global events that tried to shut all this down. Those who build towers and cages. One big event used to stop a worse one (few knew that part).

Converging Realms

So. 4 years later. Now the connections have begun. Some semblance of meaningful convergence has materialized. And we are much better developed and ready to grab onto the opportunities. The value of time. If you used it well. What do they say… “future proves past“. In our case, yes. Those who did not believe us. Who scoffed at our means and methods. Why we are here. How we got here.

Do you know? The story behind the story. Without that, none of this would be here. Let’s say from the start that for some, it is an inconvenient stumbling block. Rejected by those who should have known. And practiced the same. What do you get when you combine a hippo with a Crete. A play on words. You get the point. Phonetically, at least. It’s worse than it seems… that’s why we keep beating this theme.

Consensus Kills

You see, we have a way of saying things. You have to read between the lines. Deliberately done this way. The offending parties should know who they are. But only by knowledge of the one with the pen. The one who repeatedly tried. To spread some good news. A breath of fresh air to those claiming sight (but were blind). Unfortunately. But we are not their kind. Never were. Good at fighting. Too good. But turns out it was our best trait.

Self preservation on a global scale. We did it for others. Those who should have thought likewise but rejected it. MANY such of them. Trapped in their cages. Amazing how many will fight to the death to stay in their prison. Not us. We left them all. Know when to cut your losses. Try, yes. But be not surprised. Only disappointed.

What were we saying. This is a story. You cannot have the end without the his-tory. This is for you. Another’s saga becomes your future. And your current insight. Grab onto it. You will be glad you did (not like those others). Why not believe a thing before you see it. What’s the word for that… (ask the hybrid hippo).

Trajectory Intact

It turned out, our delays were for our good. Development requires many aspects. Many dimensions. For us, literally. So we are back again. Better than before. And our previous prose is now coming back online. Will make a good book (literally). Some left us (stranded). We survived. Also, better than before. And we are very excited.

To change the world. As we had wished. Long ago. We just never thought it would be this big. Ask and you will… (where have we heard that). We did it. That word which those above missed.

We left it all behind to get a priceless treasure. Found out that when you get to zero, you die but come back. New life begins. No longer a slave. An interesting theme four us all. The towers and their cages can hold you no more. In the end, you turn it around on them. The Red Sea parts. You walk through. Not them.

There’s More (Than This)

We have a unique story. It goes way beyond what you will see here. It’s in another dimension. Not limited to hard science. We are breaking new ground in other realms. A story for another platform (already done). Will you join (unlike the others). Dare to believe what few will. Take the leap. Make the jump. It’s strange. But it’s time.

Yes, we are back now. Thank you again for visiting our station. It might even be what some of you were looking for. But did not know it. Join us.

Blue Cube Rocket has been through a transformation. Like a seed planted. It has proven to be for our good. Never underestimate the power of persistence through challenges and unknown timelines.

Photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash

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