Mysteries, Sagas, Asking Right Questions (how do you find what is missing) | Wisdom Live Podcast

This update contains a live audio broadcast on the Wisdom App where the founder of this website gave an introduction to who we are, how we think and why we exist. That program was uploaded as a new podcast episode which you can find linked below. If you are not yet following our podcast, please consider that on one of (so far) 4 platforms including Apple, Amazon, Spotify, and Anchor.

Live Audio Podcast Episode

Linked below is the original broadcast on the Wisdom App

Linked below is the podcast version of the above with additional brief introduction and concluding comments that tell a bit more about us.

You can find all our podcast platforms by checking out our page here…

Blue Cube Rocket is in the energy, space and technology realm. We believe that telling a story of origins is equally as important as the final product. In our case, the story we tell and the perspective we have is one that you also can apply. When you do, we expect you may gain a similarly astounding result in your life personally, and for the world around you. We are very much into global transformation.

One response to “Mysteries, Sagas, Asking Right Questions (how do you find what is missing) | Wisdom Live Podcast”

  1. Hi Shane – yep, depends on context of course but, sometimes it can mean a “wrong association” that is going on in your life right now; or can be going back to previous ways, or anything about that person that is showing up either in your life now or someone else you are closely associated with who has very similar characteristics. It’s often a “watch out” symbol. Also yes… things much better than they were a few weeks ago!


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