Let’s Divide: The Science Of Decision

It’s an old idea. Since the beginning of time. There was bang and there was nothing. What banged was not what was void. The bang of stuff versus the void of space. Dividing is so basic. Light versus dark. Oil versus water. Gas and a match.

Science makes paradox. Rules and methods selectable. Use when convenient. Adamantly hold a theory until it paints a corner and then proves what you dislike. What’s the word. Sounds like a hippo but with a nationality. They tried that with the bang, until it proved what they thought it didn’t (oops… so inconvenient).

It’s in the movies. Good versus evil. The dark side. Luring, tempting, feeding the ego, more power, more intellectualized, mocking the old ways. “Outdated”. We are smarter (for sure).

Flip it.


We’ve got fences. They divide. Some sit on them. Can’t decide. What’s your thing? You have a fence. Uhh fence. What’s it take to get you off it. Off-fense?

That thing that pushes you over the edge. Something’s gotta do it. Can’t live with indecision forever. For a time maybe. But then it becomes a disorder. Beyond a quirk. Can’t live with it anymore. When honesty sets it. Ouch.

Divisions are simple. You can see them. Electron, proton. Not the same. Opposites that synergize. Do they debate? Do they dispute? Do they reject their charge? Like kind repels!

They’re not mixed up. They know their state and their charge. No confusion. They rely on the other. So simple, even a gecko can tell you.

Too smart too dumb. Even the movies reveal. Start so simple. Then become foggy. Dark looks light, dark combines with light. Electron becomes a proton. Uhuh… oookaaay… And then it ends. Surprise. The “progress” of civilizations.

Electron + proton = energy. Science = simple = common sense. Man, not so much.


Micro / macro history. All the same. All repeats. Too smart to remember. Burn the ancient books (boring anyway says the small one). Become smarter. Elevate. 13th floor please. Going up?

Be Free. Or a new form of slavery. Trapped in the ole new trick. New to those with short memories. Intellectualism macht frei. Prismatic ascension. Uh huh. High makes low. Maybe the next big bang will fix this. The big reset. The big reminder. What happens when limits pushed too far. Self-exaltation leads to… Reality. The inconvenient kind.

Flip it. Simple is for apes, so they say. Undeveloped life form. Devolution. Evil-ution. Too much pollution. About that ten percent… How to progress. Get back what was lost. (It was… lost).

Proton + proton = repel.

Seriously though, we want to know. Where the meeting is. Intellectuals with integrals. Scales that don’t change. 1 oz today = 28.3495 g tomorrow. Always. Ballots “irrelevant”. This isn’t bitcoin. And you don’t repeal this. Natural law. Ah, but mankind wants to… evolve. Adapt and overcome (the truth).

Not. A. New. Tactic.


Prius people. Plus and minus. Sun and moon. Day and night. Science divides. Distinctions simple. Except for the hippo.

Back to the fences. Straight and simple. Common sense. The most basic math. Two make one. Distinctions eliminate extinctions. Expansion is universal.

Water + air = fog.

Of the mind. Electron + proton. Two separate kinds. It’s electric!

Science is clear. Math is straight. But… is it convenient. Multiply, increase, add, expand… from the beginning of time, it’s the way. Pick a side. It’s easy to divide (or just whine).

Right from wrong. Distinctions, expansions, multiplications… (formulas to prosper). The un-limits realm. If you can. Handle it.

Get offense. Science is good; math is good. Always has, always will be, since the beginning. Why do we keep saying that same thing…


Shall we decode this strange post (and all others)?

NO. Too easy. Remember? We answered that last time. But a couple tips perhaps.
Maybe you’ve picked up on our style. We have learned from an unusual teacher. Dense multi-layer. You can’t read it fast. You’ll miss it.

We make a recommendation. Take our thoughts as broad, all encompassing perspective. Current events relevance? Yes. Maybe not what you thought, however. Maybe more than you thought. On and off-planet.

Dark Scrolls: Mysteries Hidden With Intent

Maybe we’re tired of group think. Popular consensus does not overthrow the universe. Not from one tiny planet. Not from dimes. Fences divide. And produce order. Tomatoes not found next to granola. Proper places.

Fences divide. Even the repellers build them. Like the hippo. It’s galactic!

Blue Cube Rocket exists to seek and find and discover and clarify things that have been mysteriously shrouded, especially those that once were clear but then, ehh, became foggy. We’re waiting for a big launch. Clear is required.

Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

3 responses to “Let’s Divide: The Science Of Decision”

  1. […] already know (you’re welcome). Instead, we find something else intriguing. Aside from the fact they are as confused as the rest of the globe appears to be. Someone needs to tell them that “cosmic” […]


  2. I love this style of writing! Poetic. It engages the right hemisphere more than the left.

    Liked by 1 person

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