Puzzle Time

What are puzzles. Not the kind you put on a table. With a big picture. Nope. That other sort. Lots of pieces. Lots of time. Lots of research. The bigger it is, the harder it is. A mystery to solve. Filtering. Investigating. Dot and line drawings. How to know what it will be.

What if you don’t have the picture. All you have are pieces. Someone gives them to you one at a time. Maybe a few at a time, occasionally. They don’t fit at first. Slowly they make a little sense. Partially. The puzzle piece giver. Here a little, there a little. Piece by piece.


You never know when they’re coming back. You never know what they’re giving you next. They never told you what it will be. So what do you do. Lay them all out. Arrange and rearrange. Repeatedly. Look from different angles. All those pieces.

What do these parts construct. How many more pieces will be needed. Before the full picture. How much longer. When will all the parts be given. The giver does not tell you. (Play along here, ok?) This isn’t fiction. We’re telling a true story. Trying to get you to see how it’s really been. From our side. Several years.

What kinds of puzzles exist. The kind you build. From parts. Usually with instructions. A diagram. Building a ship. Beams, posts, curved surfaces, bolts and rivets. Just to name a few. Same for an airplane. Or a car. You get a diagram and follow it. Maybe a front porch. That’s easy (comparatively).

So what if it doesn’t go that way. No diagrams. No instructions. Just those pieces. At first, you don’t even know. You get a piece. What’s that. Strange. Then another piece. Now what. Like a foreign land. After a while, you get the clue. Something is going on. You’re still getting pieces. A theme emerges. But still vague. For a long time. A few years.

What do you need to build this thing. Glue, nails, screws, tape, a workshop maybe. Maybe not. Some advanced materials. Not your average hobby store. How big will this be. Not told. What will you need to get it started. Details, details…

Pick It Up

The puzzle giver came back. But didn’t talk. You didn’t even see them. Just saw their pieces. Always unpredictable they are. Dead drop. Always late. Always concealed. They watch you. Seem to know you too well. Like they planned this. Why you?

Maybe that was the key. They went looking. Dropped off a piece. Waited to see who would take notice. Who would turn aside. Curiosity. It was a test. Not many did. Too many passersby. How many before one stopped and picked it up.

So that’s how they got you. You engaged the test. Without knowing it. The game began. But most did not (they kept walking). So now you have this… this strange game. How to choose yourself without knowing you did. The game with no instruction book. How to play it. How to know you’re doing it right. What if you violated a rule. How would you know. What penalty would you incur.

What will be demanded of you. Ah, the question many forget. You engaged. And now you’re in. In what. Who said this game was free. None of this was spelled out. What came along with it. What war began. The agent knew this. That’s why. If they told you up front. Run away you would. But games have opponents. Always. So does this one.


Why all the secrecy. Why did the puzzle giver not tell you straight out. Why the dead drops. Why the mystery. Why the spy games. Why the tests. Why the concealment. Why the others passed by. As if it was all programmed from before. Long before. Many questions. A game of trust.

So when is this going to be done. When will the last piece arrive. What will this become. How will it look. What is it, exactly. Some big building. A big name on the side. Shiny glass. A big chart on the S&P. Probably. All of them. But when. The mystery of the countdown.

The pieces are still coming. We’ll tell you when it’s time. Be here before you know it.

Innovation Beneath The Surface: The Ethos of Pursuit

What is a puzzle. How do you define it. Is it literal or a metaphor. Does it connect dots or unlock doors. If it did, how would you know. Where to find it.

Blue Cube Rocket is building one of these. As if that wasn’t obvious by now. That’s why we don’t tell it so plainly. A few hints. Yes. We want you to know what it was like. To be in our shoes. Trust us on this, we know where it’s going. Stop by again.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

2 responses to “Puzzle Time”

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