Swiss Air Artistry (From Both Realms)

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd –

Today is the practical application of everything we have been saying. There come tests, you know… Wax on, wax off. Not nonsense. Strange exercises that actually produce hard substance. The unseen meets the natural. Why do you think we’ve been saying all this. It’s going somewhere. Today is where that which was hidden in darkness begins to shine a light. Reality cometh nigh (very) and it is time to put lines on paper.

Practical From The Unseen

So here is what we have. We are artist. Among many other things. We follow our pattern and likeness. We take that which is seen and produce it. Those images of the mind when it sleeps. From one realm into the other. They instruct us in very personal ways. We honor that and thereby receive more.

In the process of our journey, we have been planning. We know what will happen before it does. Because we know the source. We have belief (aka faith.) But knowledge of it as well. It has transformed us. So today, we are showing our past and present. Plus near future.

As with everything here, there is a story. Stories are as important as that which comes out of them. Today our story has a new page. More like a chapter. Perhaps bigger… even a sequel. And so we have put that pen to the paper (albeit digital). And we have designs. New ones. Skills developed long ago but went dormant by “too much reality”. But now came back online.

Speak The Future Into Existence

Products produced which gave exercise to the colliding of dual realms. One below shows our near future. Our planned design of our atmospheric transport. We like airplanes. Even have experience in them (up front). And will soon have our own. So we decided to create the look of it. We like what we came up with. So much so, that we wanted to make it available in advance. To you.

Our first is our soon coming transport. Minor modifications are still possible but this is our working draft. Confidence is high that the final product will look very similar. So you can now obtain that design. When you see the real thing, you will know we did according to the pattern. Say it first. Believe it. Put it in writing. Promote it.

Digital Art by Chris Michals on Concepts App for iOS

Recreating & Resurrecting

Our second is purely that of imagination which began as a child. Below was one of many favorites brought back to life recently. There’s something to be said for simplicity. Modern simplicity. The past plus the present. Neither overtakes the other. The way of the future, we believe.

Art can be the same. Create a thing. Keep it within limits. Detail is good but not to be overdone. Impressionistic. Leave a few things to the imagination. Don’t give away everything. Let the mind of the viewer wander. Practical advice to help those who get stuck. That is why we keep coming back to this one…

Digital Art by Chris Michals on Concepts App for iOS

Origin Story

Did you ever draw when you were very young? What did you draw. What was it supposed to become when you were grown up. Did it happen. Why or why not. We hope “reality” did not overtake your imagination. If it did, we now want to reverse that.

Perhaps you did not draw but you made things by hand. Skills to be desired. Very useful now. Always will be. If you left it in the past, then time travel. Go back and get it. Bring it to the present. Your future begins now (and includes it).

We believe life is all about balance and perspective. Whether it be realms or skills or otherwise. And creativity is a way to enable that. We believe in unlimited possibilities with right foundations.

Support & Promote

In case you missed it… The above can be obtained in various forms at our store page (we have one). Mugs, shirts, art, accessories. Plus more. New designs are here. More on the way.

We are a prototype. Many will follow. You can now as well. Wear our ware. Or carry it. Take it with you. Become a member of our journey (more like a saga).

Soon, you will find us arriving at an ICAO near you. When you do – show us our wares. It might just become your backstage pass.

And by the way… we believe in giving credit and promoting others. Always.

Blue Cube Rocket is in the business of developing futures. Personally and globally. We also believe in developing skills – especially the artistic type. This is just the beginning. More is on the way. Seriously… go to our store page now and support our journey – THANK YOU!

Image source: Pilatus Aircraft

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