May The Space Be With You

If you’re on this website (you are), it’s redundant to ask if you’ve heard about the new Space Force. Everyone knows. It’s on the Galactic Times front page, translated in many languages and glyphs. Almost every day now. There’s many fan pages and social media accounts dedicated to the cause. The mass is definitely gathering velocity.

So because of all the popularity, we don’t have to tell what you already know (you’re welcome). Instead, we find something else intriguing. Aside from the fact they are as confused as the rest of the globe appears to be. Someone needs to tell them that “cosmic” includes a realm beyond time. Leaders are hard to come by. Just institutionalized careerists (from first hand knowledge, btw).

Arg, what were we saying. We keep tripping over everyone else’s vacuum. Ah yes, as we were saying… Relevant matters, equally globe changing. We’d like to look at those. Consider perspectives and tangents to the whole matter. Perhaps you’ll find it worth the look (we hope). Here goes…

Strategic Void

The sudden upsurging interest in space and self driving cars heading to Mars and mining the moon and the sandy valley of a desolate region out west, have a certain common intrigue. The multidimensionality of these quests. The unmistakable sign that all of humanity is ready for the next leap forward in time and technology and exploration. Perhaps even an awakening.

It’s been long known (and repeated) that leaving a void invites a fill. A vacation leads to an infestation when the proper guards removed. What comes in benign wears a mask. Behind it no one knows. X-ray vision not for comics. It exists.

So it’s time to hunt space and voids. Reveal them. Extract them. Mine them. And fill them. Properly this time. Masks are thin, so are we. The one reveals the other. Trick or treat. Search and find.

Medium Rare

Vast resources in distant lands estimated and calculated. Undoubtedly to change our world. Not everything below. It may run out. The vastness of systems unknown, space is for sure an astounding potential. The next strategic reserve. The passing of a rock once was doom, now is boom.

How many zeros in a quintillion??

Rare earth elements. No longer China and Greenland. Scratch another fraudulent cabal war off the list (oops). Newmont-Exo. The missing link for the new hare. Your watch will soon go a whole month! On a one-minute charge. All for the self paid price of a trip beyond. Well, it was someone’s great idea anyway, it just didn’t happen.

Helium-3. Not the only scarce resource on earth. Energetic new elements unknown on our green and blue. Coaxium. Ask the two sun people (how do they ever sleep…) To break both tech and travel barriers.

So the time has come. Why not? The only limitations are in the mind. We believe exactly. The vast expanse of unpopulated miles perhaps fit for the masses. A joint venture? Others have caught on. Falcon Heavy isn’t the way (never was – sorry).

Too slow. Not even that far. Build it and they will come. Planets will stand still. All in due time. It’s marvelous!


Why the questions. So many. Who has the answers. They exist! Many barriers are unseen. Atmospheric. The space between as vast as the space out there. Both at times equally vacant.

Fill it up! The same today as decades ago (by the price of gold). Can’t get ahead without it. Answers without questions. The most expensive kind. They say they’ll pay for it. The void between. What lies beyond? Structures. Inflate it.

The vacuum. Beam me up. A journey in time. Were you born before or after? Perilous (but overturned – finally). You made it. Many didn’t. Too much fun. But now they’ve come. To upgrade you shall (how). Mask anyone? Pets are loyal.

Overpopulate? The land of two suns. What’s their solution. Same as ours? How’s their climate. Let’s go. Through the solar system. Vacuum it up. Engines that void the safe space. Progressive retrograde. So many oxymorons.

Simple things forgotten. Too smart. Rivers flow to the sea. Drop the oxy.

How far will they go? How young will they return. Garmin-4. Astromechanics. Aim for the star or lead it. Not all barriers in the atmospheric. Fill the void but not with more. The sea is not so full. Planets align to stop the time.

Where is Starman by the way?

Mass Moving

Space Force isn’t just strategic. Not just for rockets. Or their men. Not just for equations. It’s multidimensional. A sign of the time. Relook to progress. Remiss to regress. Recheck the equations. Note the direction.

The time of space has come. The energy of vacuum perplexes…

  • Star lights to power your home.
  • Maybe your car.
  • For sure your city.
  • And the globe.

Untapped resources above. Capture them now. Desolate regions to place new masses. No need to vacuum, plant a seed, let it grow, find the new cure, ships away (bring water).

We agree. It’s time. Let’s go. The time of victory has arrived.

I am on the side of life…

Vision – AVENGERS: Age of Ultron

Blue Cube Rocket exists in part, to deal with the immense matters of space. Wherever it is found. This site too will be translated into glyphs when Google acknowledges they have them. Ask Zach about that.

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

Speaking of space, have you seen our new store? Check it out…!

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