Speed Box

We, as do many, have a fascination with speed. Many methods. Many modes of transport. Some very unusual (depending on your perspective). Red is for sport. Blue is for electric. Black is for elegant. Horses are for power. And racing. What do you get when you combine those. Something new. Only seen in movies (so far). But we know what cometh.

Today is another exhibit. There is, as for our other pieces, a story behind it. And by now, you might have picked up on a familiar theme. Let’s see if you can guess what this has to do with everything else here. This seems out of place. It just doesn’t fit the theme (so far). But it does. And it goes back decades.

P Is For Horses

When the limits constrain, what do you do. How do you get out of that box. Why are some intent on staying in the box but trying to break the limit. Makes no sense. The solution was simple. And has already been done. Stay low, you run into something.

Where does the imagination come from. Can it create something that has no basis for truth. Why do movies foretell real life. Perhaps they are off slightly on details. But in the end, you eventually get what they show. Can you talk into your watch and see images. Yes, of course. But how long did that take. Movie to real life. It happened. Now we have it.

So is what’s next. Go back in time. What did they show. And how. What was the means. What does it have to do with our exhibit. Before the movie, the thought was already imagined (here). Why. Why did this come up. A child who could not be kept in the box. Something about matches. Always had to transcend. To think differently.

Air Pressure

But why. There was no such thing back then. Doesn’t matter. It still came out. In the mind. And now we know why. Decades later, the reality is near. Images prove it. What was already seen (many times) foretold our future. Yours as well (of course).

We are a fan. But doesn’t require one. The new thing is a joke. The new fad. The land of the lost. Still playing with that which is outdated. And expensive. And cumbersome. And… limited (very). A joke. Let them play. Leave them alone. Will be a big surprise. Perhaps it will integrate. Not so sure. Might still be some fans.

How many dinosaurs do you have to squeeze to get a barrel of oil. No one ever asks these questions. Just accept the nonsense. Repeat it endlessly. It’s called mind control. Arg, what’s that got to do with anything. It does. So what’s with our exhibit today. Where’s the theme continuation. Where is this going.

Well… what did you do when you were a child. What did you imagine. Did it ever show up later in life. Ours did! It’s got everything to do with today. We never liked boxes. Or group think. Used to see that stuff coming thousands of miles away. Early warning radar. Had a hard time fitting in. Always got to a point where the mind just would not go along with the herd. Couldn’t stand it actually. Had a few fights as a result.

Run With It

Steeple chasers flipping tables. We knew something was wrong. Just couldn’t put our finger on it. Started asking questions that the slaves were programmed to reject. Didn’t fit in. Not one to run with the herd. A pack, maybe. But not a herd. We still didn’t answer that question. Yes we did. You just have to find it. Start from day 1. Read it all again. How do you put the pieces together.

What if there is no master picture. Ah. But there is. You just don’t get it at first. You only get the pieces. One by one (two if by sea.) Remember… we already dealt with this. There is a story behind it.

As with our other exhibits, this one is available (digital form only for now). Why we put the logo on it (should be the first hint). Look up. It will make sense later. Trust me, true believer.

What did you do when you were a child. Did you ever modify anything. Break out of any boxes. Make things do what they naturally could not. And then what. What did you get. We are not the only ones! Look at the image above. Look at our theme. What do you get when you combine them. First to answer might get a prize.

Blue Cube Rocket has had a few riddles to sort out. Saga-type. It’s making a good story. Many things begin as a child. How about you. We hope you did not forget. If so, we are bringing it back now. Just believe.

Photo by PAUL SMITH on Unsplash

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