A Wish Upon The Stars

Curious aren’t they. Shiny points far away. Mysterious. They go around and around. Some shoot. Some pass by. Some have a tail. Or a tale. A sign. They change with the seasons. Sometimes they predict. A story they tell. We saw them once. They spoke, but by a code. They answered a wish.

It began with a child. A hope. Someone far away. They made a wish. And so did we. The paths crossed. What happens when streams combine. It’s like a seed. Starts small. Add something to it, it gets bigger. Becomes more than it started. The end of a thing is better.


Stars are small from here. Maybe that’s why we wish on them. A seed in the night. Like a hope. Like a prayer. Will anyone answer. How long will you wait. Will you? What will you endure. Until the answer comes.

Do you believe? (In what). Does your answer, answer you. Does it reveal. Something you did not know. Or did you miss it.

How did it come. When it passed by, did you take note. What did you do with it. Did you ignore. Did you seek. Were you looking for it. Did you recognize when it came. Did you expect it – the answer. Maybe it did.

Perhaps it did. But we tend to forget. Go back to it. Start over with it. Like the seed. Do something with it. Time + care + diligence = something new.


Who will answer? You? The wish. Theirs. (But yours also). You don’t have to change the world. Just theirs. We asked this. We asked for this. This is how it began.

Then came the answer. We were looking. We hoped. We could not stop. It wasn’t about us (that’s why). We considered. We wished. We wouldn’t stop. Even on the island. It made us better (both). Our streams crossed. It made all the difference. To them. But for more as well (stay tuned).

Consider the child (we did). How they think. How they wonder. How they need. Why they need. When they wish, will you answer. To answer them, you must be like them.

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. Life extension? Sometimes by desire. Life renewal. This isn’t just about you. Consider the child. Return to the wish. The clue. The hope. Go back.


Why are you here. What have you done with it. Your plan or a better one (ouch). We believe in honesty here. Too many answers we’ve seen… NON-answers. We’re trying to save a few. From their missing mirror.

So we got our answer. But it came in a story. A long one. Really long. We had to kill something first. Rather, it was not our choice. We started like most. We had a different wish, but it died.

First one was too small. Right thought, but missing a few things. Slight correction was needed. Starting point good but, you know how that is. We needed something new. Bigger.

A story of a childhood tale based on a truth. The kind of thing you hear and it won’t leave you. A seed. It just grows. A desert made it grow. Something had to kick it. A catalyst.

The desert led to an island. Training ground. Very long. Be careful what you ask, they say. It’s true. We found out. We almost forgot. The wish. The hope of Patara.

The Story

Islands can kill (that’s sort of the purpose). But we survived. One day at a time. The plan. The process. The number. The death by days. The butterfly. The tree must be pruned. A Good Gardener can be brutal. But the result proves.

Make a wish. The answer will come. Not how you expect. Bigger than you expect. Better than you expect. Go back outside. It’s big. It’s vast. As should be the perspective. The hope. The heart. The wish. The process. To get what will last. When you give up yours first (it’s not about you). When you answer theirs.

Is your motive right. When you wish. When you plan. Or just about you. Why are you here. Who will answer. When they wish upon a star.

Inspiration In The Night: Collecting Gems

Author’s comment: There is a decode to everything we write. It begins by asking the questions you don’t want the answers to. The ones you deliberately avoid. The ones you make up fairy tales for, so you don’t have to deal with them. That’s a check engine light. Yours. All bills come due. We chose to pay ours up front so we won’t have to later.

Blue Cube Rocket is telling a story that is a bit bigger than it may have seemed. It’s not what appears on the surface. Sometimes the reason behind a thing is bigger than the thing itself. We just gave another clue. We hope, as well, an inspiration. An expansion. Perhaps first, of perspective.

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

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