New Energy Science: A Mystery Of Compartmentalization

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If you’re following the energy tech news, it seems there’s no shortage of new apparent breakthroughs or new scientific models that have entirely new results and new theories of how the universe really works. Some of these are very intriguing and seems like one or many of them should be breaking into the mainstream any day now in ways that will finally change life as we know it.

And at the same time, it’s beginning to look like each of these new groups of scientists with their new discoveries are each in their own vacuums totally unaware of the others. As if all live in a world of mirrors, unable to see anything outside of their boxes.

As if by some quirk of the universe, there’s apparently, and by all observation, an unbreakable law of science that forces divisions and compartments on a scale hitherto undreamt of. Can it be that hard? You’d think this was political. Oh.

Any Questions?

So, what are the new theories and experiments and breakthroughs? What do they have in common? What makes them different? What have they done to change or improve our understanding of the universe? Is there a common theme emerging? Does any of their work overthrow our current establishment scientific beliefs?

Yes, yes and yes.

So far, the answers to these questions are beginning to paint quite a scene. The biggest recurring theme is that our understanding of physics and space is not what we’ve been told. Just looking at a few of the many websites and reports of new unusual energy technologies does bring out some similarities between each, despite the fact they are all very different. One of the biggest themes that repeats with each of these groups is that what we have been told by mainstream physics is completely wrong.

So that’s a generic statement, right? Being more specific, it means that our modern accepted physics puts extreme limits on everything. Not only can it not create a device that sustains a fusion reaction but it also cannot believe that a thing called “over unity“ is possible.

Over-unity (definition): energy output exceeds energy input; a perpetual motion machine.

The First Sounds Good Until…

All our “best scientists” (quotes intentional) all have the same lists of “can’t do’s”. It’s an intriguingly similar and familiar philosophy if by chance you’ve ever done business with a government agency. Ouch. Just a few of their top mantras…

  • They say you can’t make perpetual motion.
  • They say you can’t counteract and cancel gravity.
  • They say you can’t make an output greater than an input (over unity).
  • They say you can’t do anything that their tiny imagination can’t fathom.

If you listen to everything they say, it’s like their entire basis and starting point for what they believe is based on negativity, limitations and constrictions. Aka “reality”. And if you listen to them too long, you will end up like them! You’d think they were… ehhh, theologians. Huh. Seriously, we really repeat ourselves here A LOT.

The real root of the problem is that when you have entrenched yourself in a theory and married yourself to it, a divorce with such threatens your livelihood. Those who support you will cut you off. Not only do you have to delete everything you’ve ever learned, but you have to look death in the face.

Death of your reputation (amazing how much this drives all humanity). Death of your connections. Death of your comfort zone. Death to the laws that were forced on you by the tower builders. And, along with all that… death of your way of life (which really means your money supply). Where have we heard this before??

Trenches & Fences & Self-Preservation

But if you consider a mysterious group of others who are much lesser known, you will hear a very different story. And you will hear of their demonstrated results! Which have been hidden. Not by them. And not for our benefit.

But perhaps it might help to first hear the other side of the story from a former google employee who noticed a “strange” pattern emerging inside the company. Not that google has ever been accused of censoring or promoting an agenda or misrepresenting facts or… building towers.

Now with that rather intriguing bit of insider information… let’s consider the other exhibits for evidence. Again, we have already covered this here. Many times. Hopefully you’ve figured out our subtleties by now.

Consider the list of testimonies below. We don’t know where these inventions and experiments are going to end up but most of them have demonstrated and verifiable results. The next question then is, what do WE have verification of? (We have it). Absolute proof.

Just What If…

Consider the following and actually hear what they say without the same bias that all the mainstream scientists apparently have.

So which do you believe? The “can’t do” crowd of popular faces and mainstream propaganda? Or those with, hmm… a different story. This might be as plain as we will make it for now. We’ve done our homework. We’ve searched and connected the dots. We know what’s real and what’s on the way.

Blue Cube Rocket is continuing the saga of documenting a long awaited energy tech breakthrough. It is definitely on the way. We would just like to know… when the truth finally comes out about everything that’s been hidden… how many liars will have to publicly face the fact that they deliberately hid things from the entire world just for their own self centered towering benefit?

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