We Really Need To Ask A Few Questions

We would like to know a few things. We have a very hard time believing what we are seeing as we look around at so-called “modern technology”. We are very perplexed by all the money being dumped into mega projects that use long-since outdated propulsion methods to take us off-planet. We have a few questions which are all based on what we know to be true (with absolute proof).

Werner von Dino

We are a very unlikely choice of candidates to bring the world-changing energy technology to the forefront. We’ve been pondering that and we finally got the answer to why we were chosen. And it makes perfect sense, so long as you have the correct understanding of the times.

But since we were chosen, we may as well just tell it like it is. And we are very perplexed. How can it be that all the top “rocket men” actually think we are going “back to the moon” on technology that was outdated before it was invented. And don’t get us started on Mars. Please. You have got to be kidding us.

There was a man 100 years ago who discovered and invented REAL technology. But now his name is used for that which he had nothing to do with. And his work was repressed and shut down by all the wicked tower builders who preferred their empires rather than to benefit humanity. (Mark that as reason #1 why we were chosen over most others).

Never A Straight Answer

How can it be that all the most wealthy people are dumping money into technology that is laughable and well known to be long since extinct. Go ahead… you can quote us on this…

Rockets: a cosmic bicycle, brought into the world by a man named Adolf who wanted to control the world and commit genocide (hmm… seems nothing ever changes).

How can they really think that what they are doing is a serious and legitimate science and technology pursuit?! Has no one bothered to ask the right questions. They really think WW2 technology is the absolute peak of technological advancements (in 2022?!)

We really want to see their expressions when it happens. What we want to know is, what are they all going to say when they see how much money they dumped into those ridiculous projects that will be made completely void in a single day. And to realize they have effectively been keeping their dinosaurs on life support.

To be clear… we are not necessarily against (some) of them. We just can’t figure out how they missed what is so obvious. I mean, they really do look like… “a large assortment of morons” (credit: Rocket Racoon).

There is not a fraction of common sense in what we are seeing and we are very perplexed. We could not make these very bold statements if we did not already have the solid proof of what is soon coming to earth. Especially… since we will be in the dead center of it all.

We have tried to be diplomatic about it. We have tried to get the message out. We have told our story and how we arrived here. And for the most part, that message has landed on deaf ears and (sorry) 10% brains. We are very perplexed… And we are now very tired of being nice about it.

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

We have a most unique origin story and it has been thoroughly documented, both here and elsewhere. We have seen the future. And it has NO combustible petroleum-based propulsion. NONE. It does NOT involve pollution and hilariously slow spaceflight methods.

If you want to know what is coming very quickly (and suddenly) now, all you have to do is look at all the “truth in plain sight”. Doc Brown, Han Solo, Tony Stark. What do they all have in common. The answer is simple. And we cannot believe how ridiculous the top world “leaders” look with their mind bogglingly outdated A-4 rockets.

Just to drive the point home, you might want to see it yourself…

Reality Check – Start Thinking

A man over 100 years ago discovered and invented technology that voided all this nonsense above. Why was it never let out in public. Why are we (in our times now) still living in the stone ages. Why do so few people even know that Tesla had NOTHING to do with batteries because they served NO purpose.

Why did his radiant energy electric car have NO need of oil that you have to keep buying. Or charging stations that you have to keep stopping and plugging into and… keep paying for. Or electric wires (and batteries) and bills you had to keep paying to keep your lights on at home.

We really cannot believe the tininess of the imagination and the level of brainwashing worldwide. That the top “leaders” are all so blind. And never seem to ask the right questions. And waste so much money on such outdated, brainless garbage.

Or… are they really just part of the global mind control plan.

Global Overthrow Now Imminent

Hmm… sounds a lot like people who build towers just to keep the world in subjection to them. So they can continue strangle holding everyone because their money is their god. But…

Let’s suppose that there are others who dared to ask the right questions. With the right motives. For the right reasons. And actually believed they would get the answer they pursued. And did not stop until the answer was given.

A Wish Upon The Stars

That answer has been given. This is where you will see it manifest. And we have been telling this story for quite a long time now. You can quote us on this as well…

What is soon coming to earth will change life as you know it and make science fiction movies become reality.

Blue Cube Rocket is NOT a rocket company (spare us). Our logo and name all tell the story behind what we are and what we were chosen for. And by Who. We expect the reader to study and ask right questions in order to understand what we speak of. Having said that, it’s getting harder and harder not to just tell it all in plain English (coming soon).

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