Science & Technology Breakthroughs: The Surprising Source

This article includes a brief excerpt from an e-book published on a different website. At the bottom will be links to both where you can find the rest of this and much more. The purpose here is to briefly introduce a topic that seems to be completely unfamiliar to most people and has unfortunately been shrouded in misinformation especially by those who should have been our teachers.

In order to accept what I am saying here (all from my own first-hand experience), you will need to approach this topic with an open mind just like I did several years ago.

What I’m describing here is something I did not know most of my life but, when the light was finally turned on, everything began changing abruptly for me in ways I could never have imagined before. In fact, had I known this decades earlier, my life might have taken a very different direction early on and would have saved me a number of wasted years going in circles and wondering endlessly why I was even here on earth to begin with (seriously, it really was that bad for a while) .

Ancient Methods Of Revelation

A big revelation that surprises some is that the God of the Bible speaks to all people in dreams regardless of their beliefs.  This is exactly what we see with the dreams that Pharaoh and King Nebuchadnezzar had.  Those two rulers did not follow the God of the Bible but yet He chose to speak to them at night regardless!  Just as that was true back in those days, the same still happens today.  

The proof is all over the secular business, science and medical arenas.  But many don’t understand this still happens.  I did not know that myself until I went on a very diligent search for this.  It seems many of the inventions and breakthroughs that came through dreams were by those who did not know it was God giving those insights to them.  When you don’t know how God is working your life, you are not able to give Him credit for that.  

But God has been showing people world-changing breakthroughs in dreams since the beginning of time.  Just in the last two hundred years or so, many huge discoveries and businesses came from dreams at night.  A few examples… 

Real Life Examples – Breakthroughs In Dreams 

Google was invented by a man who saw the idea of organizing and searching websites in a dream (Larry Page).  Friedrich August Kekulé saw the atomic structure of benzene in a dream.  Einstein received the insights about the speed of light in a dream. David Adair received literal equations in his dreams at night and created the first magnetic confinement fusion reactor in 1971.  

The more you research these, the more you will find how many other discoveries have come from dreams at night.  It is much more prevalent than most of us have ever realized.  Here are a couple articles to help you see what I mean… 

When you really grasp this fact that God is using dreams to bring world-changing revelations through a person, the more likely you are to take your own dreams seriously.  Brilliant ideas given by God is also a concept right in the Bible!  

I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

Proverbs 8:12 (KJV) 

As I’ve said before here, most of my life I had no knowledge at all about any of this.  But just within the last eight years, how many things have changed since I came to the realization that God still speaks to us in our dreams at night!  

This is why I want YOU to get this as well.  How do you know there wasn’t something hidden for YOU to discover – something that could change the lives of people all over the world? 

Bizarre Concept?

If this idea sounds strange, pick up a Bible and look up the stories of Joseph starting in Genesis 37 and going up to Genesis 41 where he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream. Then read through the entire book of Daniel where he had and interpreted dreams of his own as well as the kings of Babylon.

If you actually read not only those stories, but the rest of the entire Bible without a predetermined mindset, you’re going to realize what I did several years ago – that everything you see there was meant to continue today just as it was back then. But not just as a linear continuation – no, it was meant to increase from that time until now without the limitations of religious doctrines and dogmas.

This is what I had already introduced in very indirect form in previous blogs where I asked a number of questions in order to get the reader to think about something they most likely had not considered, or at least from a different perspective. If you missed those, here’s one example:

Inspiration In The Night: Collecting Gems

Free E-book

If what I’m saying here is totally new to you, I recommend my first-ever free ebook where I give a brief but fairly broad introduction to this whole topic of God’s parabolic dream language and how you can begin learning to interpret what He is saying. You can download that free ebook here:

“Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?!”
(free link for PDF / EPUB)

Once you get through that very short ebook, I have another much more lengthy one with a very in-depth discussion on how to find what you were put here for and what to expect along the way. That next ebook was written from my own direct experience over a five-year period where I found clues to my own upcoming technology invention and contains a level of content that is very far beyond the novice level. That ebook is where this article was derived from and can be found here:

“The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose”

Despite the very brief introduction to this topic here, substantial additional content is found in my ebooks and a separate website where several hundreds of people from all over the world have contacted me and received free help in this topic of understanding what their dreams mean at night. You can find that website here:

Blue Cube Rocket is here to bring the unfamiliar down to earth and open up new realms to the unsuspecting. And in the process, show that we really did have a solid foundation underneath us the whole time.

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

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