Space Energy: The Scientific Basis For The Next Power Source

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What is the basis for future energy production here on planet earth? Is it solar. Is it fusion. Is it windmills. Is it more coal, oil, dirty fission or some other source. Obviously many have tried to come up with a solution that replaces the methods that so far, only eat up resources and pollute the planet. But… we have a solution that involves a source very few have properly recognized.

Space Energy

Since we cannot divulge the design of our device, we wanted to give those who will join us the scientific basis for what we will soon be building. As we have said repeatedly – unless you have the correct understanding of how the universe works, you will be very limited in what you can produce. The biggest source of power in the universe is not oil, gas, coal, wind or any other modern day contrivance.

The future power source is one that already exists all over the universe. But tapping into it and making it work for us requires a very specific solution. You have to know which parts of the universe to plug into. When you want to turn on a light, what do you do? Plug it in first, then flip the switch. The question, of course, is where is the “space plug” and how do you connect to it.

That is what our device does. It taps the source and utilizes the energy in a way never done before. The difference between our device, as previously stated, is that it comes primarily from outside the realm of known science. The design itself came to us from beyond what is humanly known and was given in a manner not seen in thousands of years (ask Moses and Noah).

Future Uses

We have been shown the future uses of this technology. Some have asked about the Jetsons. If that was you, you’re on the right track. Others have publicly said dumb things like, “don’t tell me about antigravity…” If that was you, what are you going to say when we prove what has been true for a very long time (forever). What then. Mind control group think is hard to be freed from.

If you have never had to throw out everything you thought you knew and start over, this would be a great time to try it. Before its too late. The most popular scientists (and YouTubers) will look rather foolish when their theories are overturned in a single day.

All we are trying to say is, if you think you already know everything, well… we tried to tell you. And we were blocked from at least one mind control social media group that wanted everyone to remain stuck in the stone ages. Tower builders anyone??

Global Renaissance

But we are happy to be chosen to bring our part of the global renaissance. We are happy to be chosen to bring back the knowledge of what is True. And we are happy to be among those who will make a number of distinctions on a global and universal scale.

In the lead up to all that we are about to do, the scientific basis for our design is found in the videos posted in the YouTube channel below. We have referred to this channel many times – Thunderbolts Project. Since there are so many videos there, we thought one playlist would be great place to start. Not everything needed to create a device like ours is in there. But, the basis for the science that makes it work is.

Our Challenge

How do you tell what is coming when you cannot disclose the technical details of a design? A great question. One we have been stuck with for a number of years. At first, because we had not the design but only the revelation of it. Now, we have the design but not the ability to show it openly (patents and intellectual property).

An even better question: How did we previously have the revelation but not the design?? Ah yes. That one we have explained repeatedly. Now the challenge is yours. Learn what we have and you will, as well, be on the path to discoveries hitherto undreamt of. As it was for us, so can it be for you.

Electric Stars and Galaxies Explained: Thunderbolts Project

Blue Cube Rocket is in the advanced energy and space tech business. We have the design for a new tech invention that will change the entire world. We don’t make big claims without substantiation. We received the knowledge of the design in a most unusual way. Our next step is building it. Follow us, join us, and get familiar with who and what we are. And definitely, if you choose, support us.


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