UFO’s: East Vs West Vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)

[Originally posted on July 22, 2020 by Chris Michals; this is a repost from archives in light of current events…]

UFOs have reached a point of societal momentum. Relatively few are still in doubt about their existence. Ok… Not that all believe. Not that all agree. But it’s at the point where you have to deny the sun and moon to still flatly reject the circumstantial evidence. After several years of looking into all this, and by some rather unusual insight, it was a surprise to discover the science that exists behind them. 

And then to compare that with myth. And rethink. It’s been a most unexpected journey. But that’s not all – there may be a plot ongoing that is as much East vs West as it is from above

In the process of the journey, what started as myth has turned into science. Many decades ago, discoveries were made. And then hidden. As with most things in life, there are dueling parallels. On the one hand you have what is true and fully substantiated and on the other hand, you have a counterfeit that attempts to mimic the thing that is true. This exists in many places. 

But that’s not the point of this article (it’s already been hinted at). What we have is scientific reality with the key to change life as we know it forever. We just wrote about this here. In case you missed it… this is an ongoing story of development (The Tesseract? Spinning Required.)


Competition of theories. Popular does not make rightNever has. Almost always wrong. Truth inconvenient. Often repulsive. But only on the surface (where the problem always lies). Popular theories with tentacles. Two heads. Change the theory, change the reality. Faith and doubt. Positive and negative. Hard or easy. 

Let’s be practical for a minute, shall we? We like riddles. However… 

There exists earth-based scientific reality and most are unaware. But many speculate. The evidence has been backed up from sources that can’t be directly stated here but have and will again be dealt with more substantially. 

We’ve suggested already… technology available for decades but hidden. How do we know (truth revealed in movies). We’ve been brainwashed. Too easy! How? The eyes lie. The visible shrouds the invisible. Truth is invisible. 


The big tower has forced the worldview and enforced constrictions that have kept everyone in Egypt for long enough. What happens at 400? What happened in ‘76? The time is at hand. Again. All along, the real truth has been known. 

Ah, but when you build the tower, you have to defend it. At all costs. Not everyone benefits. Most in fact, do not. Anything that threatens your peak must be squashed (the family of pumpkins). 

The Red Skull was right. 

Science or Myth: Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology

So the towers do whatever it takes to make sure the thing that can bring them down is kept behind the vaults and the facades and the “conspiracies” (everyone’s favorite word). Do you know what a conspiracy really is? 

Let’s define it for real: a truth that threatens the existence of those who will lose the most by its revelation and exposure to the public. You can quote us on that, we’ll even make it easy… 

Conspiracy (definition): a truth that threatens the existence of those who will lose the most by its revelation and exposure to the public. 


Who builds towers. What are the towers. What’s at their peak. What makes them fall. What do the builders fear. All kings have feared. What gives power. Power gives power. Power makes light. Tesla was right. Crimson Tide. Sharing makes humble. Sharing makes free. Sharing by the free-willing. Free-willing have power. Power brings low. And light. For all to share.

How do we know? Reverse the indoctrination. Lift the veil. The equations were wrong. It was always that easy. Scandal or conspiracy. Rethink. Towers make facades. Towers of thought. Institutions of thought. Repeating makes believing. Believing is not seeing. Eyes deceive. Knowledge is not truth. Truth is Truth. Knowledge is low. Truth is high. Universal law.

The Tesseract? Spinning Required

So how do we know? Start over. Go back to the beginning. Redo the math. Break with tradition. Why was it stopped. Who stopped it. Who built the towers. Where did they hide it. Where is the evidence. Plain sight! As always. 

Science proves all. Supernatural science. Science unveils conspiracy. What has been done, will be again. Linear cycles conclude. Where’s the proof? Below. How do we know. Absolute Truth (it exists). Validations are stranger than fiction

Senator’s remarks make more sense than may appear on surface. 


What are we missing then? All this time the alien propaganda has been pushed. And made to appear as truth. Facts lie. Low hanging fruit (October fruit & festivals). Distraction. Conspiracies, right? There’s a Goodyear Blimp behind you. Better look now (cuz they’re building towers). 

The senator is onto something. Maybe he knows. And wants to reveal. Revelation can be dangerous. Plot ongoing for decades. Spinning may stop. Game pieces in motion. Dots connect. Look east. 

Mind games. Submersive plans. The tower gets bigger. Red Tide at morning. Incoming. Multiple bogies. Pieces already in motion. Decades. To stop the spinning. Make tower taller. Arbeit macht frei. 

Your turn. Connect the dots. Analyze the map. Hidden tunnels and caves. Charades and masquerades. Bigger than we knew, different than we thought. Plot revealed. Ears deaf. Call 9/11. Red Tides. Technology is always used for strategic advantage first. Not for common good. 

What have they done with it. What did we miss while distracted by myths. MQ-UFO? The latest in unbeatable ISR. SR-51. (East). 

Blue Cube Rocket has been making puzzles. And riddles. And seeing through veils. We see stars in the sky and find Sherlock. We look under, over, through and with different eyes. Sometimes we find what many missed. 


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