Mysteries Revealed By Ancient Means: More Common Than You Knew

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If you’ve been following this new startup website and the blogs here, you may have been wondering where all this is going. Recent blogs have been a little on the ethereal side, right? I mean…ethos, perspectives, the source of inspiration, etc. Questions leading somewhere but maybe a little hard to tell where exactly. Seriously – this is a science website, right?

Yep! It is. 

Sometimes when you’re venturing into new territory, you have to first establish a foundation. You have to get people thinking. And you have to show them where you’re coming from. But maybe in a way that undercuts those with presuppositions. Maybe you have to prove to some people… they really didn’t know you. And they really didn’t know what they thought they knew.

Where Fiction = Truth

That has been the focus and purpose for several of the previous blogs. But now we can move forward a little. Now we can begin (finally) to add some beams and structure to the foundation. We are, after all, a website created because of a major technology breakthrough with a story behind it that needs to be told. The kind books and movies are made to tell about. The kind where truth is stranger than fiction. And more wild. 

But also the revelation that fiction was, all the time, based on truth that just hadn’t first shown up. It was a question already answered. Long ago. But we had it in reverse.

We live in a time when some people are so polarized that it’s hard to get through to them. The “information age” has turned many into the hardened mindset of stick-your-feet-in-mud-until-it-becomes-concrete and demand that you’re right at all costs. Value your opinion over your relationships

And this is why the recent blogs have asked so many questions – the kind that very few really consider. At least not beyond a very shallow level. And only for a few fleeting seconds. If you can just get people to ask the right questions and go back and re-examine what they’ve cemented their feet in… 

The author of this blog has done that himself. It can be done! Minds can be changed. Viewpoints can be altered – severely! 

Do first what you expect others to do. Lead by example (there’s an idea not many appear willing to practice). So the writer here (Chris), has done all of this – and in the process, has astonishingly made very big changes of direction and begun to obtain things never known before – with earth-changing results (literally). 

To Learn A New Language 

So let’s answer the question of where do unusual inspirations come from? And how does that fit our title of “ancient means” that are apparently just as common today as they were way back then? 

Well… the answer is what was posed in the previous blog (see below). And it was actually answered right there in many ways – even in plain sight. If you read it too fast, you completely missed it. Here, you have another chance now… 

Inspiration In The Night: Collecting Gems

Your author here has been named a “riddler” because he’s learned to.communicate with a different language. The language Drax doesn’t understand. (He’s too literal). Metaphors don’t exist in his world. He’s linear. It’s a problem all too common.

Probably you have it without realizing it. 

But don’t worry – you can learn it, with time and effort. If you knew how much this would change your life, you would sell everything you have and go after it. It’s like a different dimension. One where up doesn’t necessarily mean up and pizza is not just a slice of Italy. 

It’s a world of elliptical speech and enigmas and foreboding handwriting.

I know. I’m dragging this out. Didn’t I tell you this was the blog that had the answers from the previous questions? Did I lie? 

It’s Weird, Seriously 

Have you seen Doctor Strange? He just wanted a simple answer. What he got was not what he expected. Nor what he believed in. He got more than what he went looking for. 

Perhaps you need to learn not just a new language, but to live in a different world. Then you could understand what is right there with you, waiting for you to pick it up. There’s another huge hint here in this blog to answer those odd questions and it’s right here in plain sight. 

Are the dots connecting yet? Is there a picture emerging? What do you see? Perhaps a tent and the night sky would help. Perhaps you won’t see it with your eyes open. Remember… we already said it last time – it’s not your natural eyes. 

Go Back … Relook

Perhaps you’re just too busy. Too preoccupied with “reality”. I think we said already it was an illusion anyway. But you’ve flipped that one, huh? Well… maybe flip that switch the other way now and see what you’re not seeing. 

When you do, now you’ll know what we’re talking about here. And you’ll see the path to strange and amazing things hidden long ago, but for you… now. 

Blue Cube Rocket is a startup website focused on what is soon to come in the energy technology space. We just have an, err, odd way of approaching it here. Stay tuned, we’re just getting started… 

Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE on Unsplash


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