A Wish Upon The Stars

Curious aren’t they. Shiny points far away. Mysterious. They go around and around. Some shoot. Some pass by. Some have a tail. Or a tale. A sign. They change with the seasons. Sometimes they predict. A story they tell. They speak, but not like some say. Not that way. We saw them once. They spoke,Continue reading “A Wish Upon The Stars”

New Energy Science: A Mystery Of Compartmentalization

If you’re following the energy tech news, it seems there’s no shortage of new apparent breakthroughs or new scientific models that have entirely new results and new theories of how the universe really works. Some of these are very intriguing and seems like one or many of them should be breaking into the mainstream anyContinue reading “New Energy Science: A Mystery Of Compartmentalization”

In Search Of Mirrors

Did you read our last piece? A little dark perhaps. Intentionally. So many questions!! AHHHHRRGG!! Well… like we say here, we ask them endlessly because most others do not. So let’s be more simple here this time. By the way, did you realize, this IS a science and tech website. If all this seems outContinue reading “In Search Of Mirrors”

Time Travel & Energy: Suppose The Assumptions Are Missing Something

Today we had the thought to re-examine what seems to be a very commonly held assumption about the subject of time travel. Just from movies and scientific articles, it seems this is not so obscure a topic. Especially in recent times. Seriously – why is everyone so obsessed with time travel? They really are! ButContinue reading “Time Travel & Energy: Suppose The Assumptions Are Missing Something”

Worlds – Realms – Expansions: One Of Its Kind

What’s with Mars? It’s the new thing. It’s a big universe. Lots of habitable planets and zones. So they say. Seems logical. Expand the mind, the possibilities are infinite. For the finite man. In this realm at least. Suppose that’s the overlooked part.

Dark Scrolls: Mysteries Hidden With Intent

We’ve stumbled upon an odd style here. We planned at first to be very straight about our work and results. Somehow in the process, a different style emerged. Partly out of necessity, partly out of the desire to help others along. How? When you learn how to decipher, you discover mysteries hidden – for you.Continue reading “Dark Scrolls: Mysteries Hidden With Intent”

UFO’s: East vs West vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)

UFOs have reached a point of societal momentum. Relatively few are still in doubt about their existence. Ok… Not that all believe. Not that all agree. But it’s at the point where you have to deny the sun and moon to still flatly reject the circumstantial evidence. After several years of looking into all this,Continue reading “UFO’s: East vs West vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)”

The Tesseract? Spinning Required

Who needs asteroids. Big rocks from outer space. Good movie plots. Launch a nuke and save the planet. Maybe (physics does not support). But we don’t need space threats. We’ve outdone the cosmic slingshot. Ultron was onto something. The asteroid won’t be needed. We forgot. Ever since the atomic breakthrough, someone has been itching to prove its true raw power.

UPGRADE?! Dimes, Unicorns & Prototypes

You’ve done this. Your computer became obsolete. So did your flip phone (as cool as they were). Now even your watch will go out of date (but sadly, not because they made a better battery). So what did you do? Keep that ol’ thing?? I’m guessing here. As madly in love you were with it.Continue reading “UPGRADE?! Dimes, Unicorns & Prototypes”

May The Space Be With You

If you’re on this website (you are), it’s redundant to ask if you’ve heard about the new Space Force. Everyone knows. It’s on the Galactic Times front page, translated in many languages and glyphs. Almost every day now. There’s many fan pages and social media accounts dedicated to the cause. The mass is definitely gatheringContinue reading “May The Space Be With You”

Interstellar Fashion: It’s A Revolution!

Low hanging fruit anyone? It’s right there, you can’t miss it. Just reach at eye-level. Or stoop down and pick it up. Easy enough, right? It’s the most convenient way! No effort, no sweat, no work. Right where you want it. Where they wanted it. For you. Perfectly engineered for convenience. Glittery shiny thing. LookedContinue reading “Interstellar Fashion: It’s A Revolution!”

Untangling the Wires: Risk the Weight

Shall we play a game… It’s one of strategy. There’s a little risk involved. Maybe some double thinking. Maybe there’s an adversary. On the other end of the table. Or maybe it’s just another player. Someone like you. Let’s suppose it’s not just a game. Let’s suppose this is your life. The board is reality.Continue reading “Untangling the Wires: Risk the Weight”