The Obvious Next Tech Breakthrough…

If you follow either the technology or aviation news, you have definitely been seeing an increasing number of headlines about flying cars. It’s not really a new idea. You can see photos and sketches of various designs going back many years now. BUT… all of them still have the same basic design.

Vision: Engine-ering Redesign Of Propulsion Tech

As you may know by now, we are telling a story one step at a time of a global energy technology breakthrough that will change the entire world. There will be many applications for this new tech and because we have a very big interest in aviation, we thought this would be a perfect timeContinue reading “Vision: Engine-ering Redesign Of Propulsion Tech”

Worlds – Realms – Expansions: One Of Its Kind

What’s with Mars? It’s the new thing. It’s a big universe. Lots of habitable planets and zones. So they say. Seems logical. Expand the mind, the possibilities are infinite. For the finite man. In this realm at least. Suppose that’s the overlooked part.

Interstellar Fashion: It’s A Revolution!

Low hanging fruit anyone? It’s right there, you can’t miss it. Just reach at eye-level. Or stoop down and pick it up. Easy enough, right? It’s the most convenient way! No effort, no sweat, no work. Right where you want it. Where they wanted it. For you. Perfectly engineered for convenience. Glittery shiny thing. LookedContinue reading “Interstellar Fashion: It’s A Revolution!”