So You’ve Been Wondering…

Just to clear things up. Yes. We’re one of those. One of what?! The kind that uses their brain. That does not accept the shallow, surface-only belief in what they want you to think. You know what we mean. False medicine. False science. False news. False beliefs. Lies that tower builders want you to believe.Continue reading “So You’ve Been Wondering…”

UFO’s: East vs West vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)

UFOs have reached a point of societal momentum. Relatively few are still in doubt about their existence. Ok… Not that all believe. Not that all agree. But it’s at the point where you have to deny the sun and moon to still flatly reject the circumstantial evidence. After several years of looking into all this,Continue reading “UFO’s: East vs West vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)”

UPGRADE?! Dimes, Unicorns & Prototypes

You’ve done this. Your computer became obsolete. So did your flip phone (as cool as they were). Now even your watch will go out of date (but sadly, not because they made a better battery). So what did you do? Keep that ol’ thing?? I’m guessing here. As madly in love you were with it.Continue reading “UPGRADE?! Dimes, Unicorns & Prototypes”

Galactic Transport

Travel much? I have. It used to be places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, a few others. But then some farther away like Europe and the Middle East. Work, fun, sightseeing. Ski trips. Castles. Diplomatic engagements. Normal adventures, really. But there are more distant locations you can go as well. Been there also. The stuff ofContinue reading “Galactic Transport”