• UFO’s: East Vs West Vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)

    UFO’s: East Vs West Vs Up (Did We All Miss This?)

    [Originally posted on July 22, 2020 by Chris Michals; this is a repost from archives in light of current events…] UFOs have reached a point of societal momentum. Relatively few are still in doubt about their existence. Ok… Not that all believe. Not that all agree. But it’s at the point where you have to deny the sun…

  • The Tesseract? Spinning Required

    The Tesseract? Spinning Required

    Who needs asteroids. Big rocks from outer space. Good movie plots. Launch a nuke and save the planet. Maybe (physics does not support). But we don’t need space threats. We’ve outdone the cosmic slingshot. Ultron was onto something. The asteroid won’t be needed. We forgot. Ever since the atomic breakthrough, someone has been itching to…

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