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Speed Box

We, as do many, have a fascination with speed. Many methods. Many modes of transport. Some very unusual (depending on your perspective). Red is for sport. Blue is for electric. Black is for elegant. Horses are for power. And racing. What do you get when you combine those. Something new. Only seen in movies (so…

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May The Space Be With You

If you’re on this website (you are), it’s redundant to ask if you’ve heard about the new Space Force. Everyone knows. It’s on the Galactic Times front page, translated in many languages and glyphs. Almost every day now. There’s many fan pages and social media accounts dedicated to the cause. The mass is definitely gathering…

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Swiss Air Artistry (From Both Realms)

Today is the practical application of everything we have been saying. There come tests, you know… Wax on, wax off. Not nonsense. Strange exercises that actually produce hard substance. The unseen meets the natural. Why do you think we’ve been saying all this. It’s going somewhere. Today is where that which was hidden in darkness…

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Puzzle Time

What are puzzles. Not the kind you put on a table. With a big picture. Nope. That other sort. Lots of pieces. Lots of time. Lots of research. The bigger it is, the harder it is. A mystery to solve. Filtering. Investigating. Dot and line drawings. How to know what it will be.

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Let’s Divide: The Science Of Decision

It’s an old idea. Since the beginning of time. There was bang and there was nothing. What banged was not what was void. The bang of stuff versus the void of space. Dividing is so basic. Light versus dark. Oil versus water. Gas and a match. Science makes paradox. Rules and methods selectable. Use when…

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What’s in a number? Is it a year. A four digit passcode. A street address. Or the last four of your phone number. Maybe it’s a price tag. In which place would you put the decimal. Maybe it’s the universal secret for the coefficient of energy dispersed across a spherical volume of space at zero-point.

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In Search Of Mirrors

Did you read our last piece? A little dark perhaps. Intentionally. So many questions!! AHHHHRRGG!! Well… like we say here, we ask them endlessly because most others do not. So let’s be more simple here this time. By the way, did you realize, this IS a science and tech website. If all this seems out…

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Dark Scrolls: Mysteries Hidden With Intent

We’ve stumbled upon an odd style here. We planned at first to be very straight about our work and results. Somehow in the process, a different style emerged. Partly out of necessity, partly out of the desire to help others along. How? When you learn how to decipher, you discover mysteries hidden – for you.…

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