Dark Scrolls: Mysteries Hidden With Intent

We’ve stumbled upon an odd style here. We planned at first to be very straight about our work and results. Somehow in the process, a different style emerged. Partly out of necessity, partly out of the desire to help others along. How? When you learn how to decipher, you discover mysteries hidden – for you. But it requires study and searching and effort. Many not willing or not understanding how to begin. More, just not aware that their treasure is hidden. Nor how to find it. So we decided to help.

The Honor Of Value

How often have valuables been left on the surface? Where is gold, oil, coal, silver? What must be done to get it. To find it. Then to process it. To those who undertake, what is their reward? But we are not talking about commodities. Those are just illustrations.

Medical answers not usually buried below ground. Scientific breakthroughs may be in the stars above. Solutions to problems found by the exercise of the mind. These are not below ground. They are in a different realm. A different dimension. To search, to study, to look for clues, to connect dots, to think outside the box. To stretch and strain to think in usual ways. To decipher parables. To look for the key that unlocks.

This is exactly what we have been doing here. Several years in fact. A long process of transformation in all the ways described above. This is the path of innovators, inventors, revolutionaries, all that leads to discoveries and world changing outcomes. It is often an unpopular and challenging path. To forsake all that is normal. To take risks, some that appear foolish at first. How many famous were at first called fools?

The Process Of Character

It is harder than it seems. Books make it sound “romantic”. Reality check. Yes the outcome, but the winding road and the cactuses and the dry hot sand is brutal. The friends that left, that proved their lack of faith (and loyalty). Proved they were not fit for your journey. Baggage you didn’t need. Some things must be cut. Rockets get lighter as they go higher. Altitude removes restrictions. And requires effort.

Parables are the way to find hidden riches. Parables are intended for only the few to unravel. Why? Why not? Why give away valuable riches to pigs? (Ouch). No, let’s be serious. Will those who find gold laying on the surface treat it with honor? Will they be rich today and dead tomorrow? Riches without character produce destruction. Many ways to earn riches. Honor first.

If you can’t handle the assignment and the road, you can’t receive the reward. It is an invitation for you to come up higher. Mankind has settled for such rags. All. In more ways than can be described. The search for the treasure it what makes one go higher. It’s the process that makes one richer. First inside, then in the bank.

We are not born with it. It is not “luck”. Persistence, longevity, determination. But impatience kills. Character flaws defeat. The process refines. The process is required.

We Preach What We Have Done

This is a little insight into what we have been doing for several years. Process, searching, connecting dots, learning about other realms, character transformation, following trials and mystery maps. This is what we have had to do. Several years (longer than that). So our style has leaned in that direction to help give everyone hints about the journey.

You can’t honor what you don’t know. You treat lightly what you don’t value. You don’t value what you have not understood. Too many never receive the prize because of lack of honor. Searching leads to honor. Searching leads to the reward. The path is not easy. Very high personal price tag (the reason most discontinue). This is not about luck.

Many start but encounter roadblocks that they can’t breach. There ways to breakthrough barriers. But you must learn that also. This was part of the process. Not just to reach a reward, but to help others in their pursuit. First learn, then teach. Experience then tell. Never intended only for personal gain. How to ensure your success? Help others reach theirs.

Not For Self – Pattern For You

Selfless always wins. Selfish always loses. Even if it produces riches first. Outward appearance lies. How many with riches are inwardly dead. How many have reached material success, but inwardly are nothing but rotten fruit. The end does not justify the means. Corruption is not success. Number our days. Think of the end. What then.

This is partly about revealing the backstory. What may never be seen on the surface. A biography of sorts, just in a different way. To show the how, not just the result. A story in progress. Read now or later. During or after. No matter.

Paradox Of Death

Follow the patterns of others, arrive at their station. Know who you want to end like. Easy leads to cheap. Biggest enemy can be self. Self = selfish. Easy way vs hard way. Easy way can be way of self. Self at center. Self to feed. Self to satisfy. Die to self. Death to selfish. Death to self-gratify. Pride of self. Pride = death.

Die to live. Go down to go up. Humble to be raised. Countdown to launch. Universal paradox. Elevations remove restrictions. Space floats. Space frees. Space speed. Down then up. It’s the way of royalty.

Inspiration In The Night: Collecting Gems

Blue Cube Rocket exists to help others along their path to pursuit. There is a right and wrong way to do it. We look for alternative ways to tell that story. Plant seeds of thought. Not all directly. Parabolically at times. Leaving it up to you, what you choose to do with it.

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