Science Sells

Right. You thought it was something else. Might want to run the numbers on that. Not to repeat a mantra here but we think there might be more money in this, uhh… industry. You know, the comet wackos. The climate is coming nonsense. But. We agree with “get off the grid”. Actually that’s part of […]

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Oh Gravity!

It’s a mystery. Mainstream science still can’t tell us what it is. But there’s an alt-theory that is beginning to make a ton of sense (pardon the misuse of a term). What’s the matter with it anyway? The masses can’t reconcile the results. Something amiss. Very. It’s in the equation. How did science become run […]

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Games With Thrones

Well, this is funny. For some. Not for others. We’ve already used the ”let’s play a game“ line so we’ll have to try something else here. But it is definitely global. And involves tall structures. Not the kind you drive by. Nope. These are invisible. But very real. And about to fall. Some into place, […]

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The Sun: Cosmic Electric Lightbulb Or Fusion Ball? (When Beliefs Collide With Facts)

Continuing our study into how the universe works, we’ve turned our attention recently in the direction of our sun and discovered there is extensive material available about a model of its operation that is totally at odds with what mainstream science tells us. In the process of approaching all this with an open mind, we’ve […]

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Puzzle Time

What are puzzles. Not the kind you put on a table. With a big picture. Nope. That other sort. Lots of pieces. Lots of time. Lots of research. The bigger it is, the harder it is. A mystery to solve. Filtering. Investigating. Dot and line pictures. How to know what it will be.

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Travel Bits

After surviving the last few posts about mirrors and exchanges and wishes and islands, there’s a very logical next block. We’re going somewhere of course. And the course is critical. Like navigating. By air or sea. Charts, angles, routes, terrain. Stars, magnets, calculating and recalculating (the most important part).

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A Wish Upon The Stars

Curious aren’t they. Shiny points far away. Mysterious. They go around and around. Some shoot. Some pass by. Some have a tail. Or a tale. A sign. They change with the seasons. Sometimes they predict. A story they tell. They speak, but not like some say. Not that way. We saw them once. They spoke, […]

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