Truth Is Strange, But Fiction Was Never Fiction Either

Today we are writing an email to a friend in the form of a short article. Actually, this is the sort of thing I do often enough that I just need to post it here one time and then send everyone to read my answer. Blogs are good at that. Answer the same question one time in open forum.

So today I’m answering the normal kind of question you get when you either meet someone for the first time or you get reacquainted with a friend from the past. The kind of thing where they want to know about what you do for a living.

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May The Space Be With You

If you’re on this website (you are), it’s redundant to ask if you’ve heard about the new Space Force. Everyone knows. It’s on the Galactic Times front page, translated in many languages and glyphs. Almost every day now. There’s many fan pages and social media accounts dedicated to the cause. The mass is definitely gathering […]

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Galactic Transport

Travel much? I have. It used to be places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, a few others. But then some farther away like Europe and the Middle East. Work, fun, sightseeing. Ski trips. Castles. Diplomatic engagements. Normal adventures, really. But there are more distant locations you can go as well. Been there also. The stuff of […]

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