Tech Upgrade: Re-engineering An EV

If you read our last piece, you might be thinking we took aim at a certain EV auto maker. Not exactly. In fact, being in the energy tech realm, we are very heavily focused toward electric vehicles as the way of the future. We had a different reason for a couple comments but today’s discussionContinue reading “Tech Upgrade: Re-engineering An EV”

The Obvious Next Tech Breakthrough…

If you follow either the technology or aviation news, you have definitely been seeing an increasing number of headlines about flying cars. It’s not really a new idea. You can see photos and sketches of various designs going back many years now. BUT… all of them still have the same basic design.

Science Sells

Right. You thought it was something else. Might want to run the numbers on that. Not to repeat a mantra here but we think there might be more money in this, uhh… industry. You know, the comet wackos. The climate is coming nonsense. But. We agree with “get off the grid”. Actually that’s part ofContinue reading “Science Sells”

Time Travel & Energy: Suppose The Assumptions Are Missing Something

Today we had the thought to re-examine what seems to be a very commonly held assumption about the subject of time travel. Just from movies and scientific articles, it seems this is not so obscure a topic. Especially in recent times. Seriously – why is everyone so obsessed with time travel? They really are! ButContinue reading “Time Travel & Energy: Suppose The Assumptions Are Missing Something”